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Five Spring Cleaning Tips in Preparation for the Return

Ideas for post-pandemic Sunday School & Children's Ministry

1Make Real Changes. Change boring and uninviting rooms and hallways. Change boring and uninviting lessons. Change boring and uninviting teachers and leaders. Change how you plan. Change how you promote (such as embracing social media and personal interactions, and reducing reliance on impersonal mail and email).

2Make Your Program "Inviting." Change the "drop off" mentality of your program. Create ways for parents to engage with one another around their children's participation. Invite engaging teens to help (parents love to see their children spend time with role models). Invite parents to participate in easy leadership and support roles.

3Deep Clean. Remove disruptive and dysfunctional people who are driving others away (and look for other ways to minister to them). Send to the curb those traditions and practices that signal "the same old," chew up resources and people, and have limited results.

4Actually Clean. Some churches and classrooms are full of clutter and dust, and in need of actual repairs. Now is the time to fix broken blinds, get rid of junk, send that old curriculum to the recycle bin, and organize that closet. See our list of needs for a "Safe Sunday School" and get started. (And this is an "easy ask" to get low-commitment folks involved).

5Go Meaningful and Missional. Become discipleship focus, emphasizing faith in Christ and life application over mere fellowship. Equip kids to be better friends and advocates of tolerance in their schools. Plan service opportunities for kids and families. ("Making a difference in the world" is still a strong pull even for non-churchgoers.)

What would you add to this list?


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