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Reply to "SUNDAY SCHOOL AFTER THE PANDEMIC: Trends, Articles, Statistics"

May 2021 Gallup Polling shows a slow post-pandemic return to weekly in-person worship and a decline in online ("remote") participation.

(Click on the charts below to see them clearer.)


Most experts agree this "return to services" will accelerate through 2021. Keep in mind that this poll is only measuring "attendance in the last 7 days." But as referenced in a previous post, some experts believe "regular" attendance (i.e. what we used to think of as "weekly") is being redefined as "once a month."

Some other posts in this thread bring up the question of "how long" it will take for pre-COVID attendance levels to return? Or will they ever?

Gallup and other researchers have been tracking "Americans attending religious services" for several decades, and some wonder if the pandemic drop-off will accelerate the long-term downward trend. As Barna Research notes, the "nones" --those who didn't attend or won't return are growing.


In other words, we have our work cut out for us, and probably need to change our organizational and inner definitions of "success."


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