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  • Talk about the uses of salt- a preservative, a flavor enhancer.

    And then also discuss the properties of light. It only takes a small bit of light to dispel darkness, and how we use light for safety (lighthouses). If you hide it, it is of no use to anyone. Maybe you could also do something with prisms or shadows. Make silhouettes for art and use shadow puppets for a drama.  --Cindy LB
  • I would suggest that you consider doing both salt & light - opens up a lot of possibilities for science & cooking (do a recipe with & without the salt, talk about food preservation).  --Zola


Pickle Experiment Ideas/Comments


  • I saw a science experiment once relating to light that might work. You have a simple circuit with a battery and a lightbulb, but there is a gap in the wiring. You place various items in the gap to see which completes the circuit (paper or plastic things don't, metal things like a penny do). When the circuit is successfully completed, then the light shines. You could relate that to God's light shining through us.  --CathyW


  • DISCLAIMER **I didn't write it and unfortunately, the person that did lost the floppy disk and we lost the hard copy,too** Maybe someone will know this and give more details.

    What I saw them doing was taking a power cord with each end wire wrapped around a nail.
    Then they would take a large pickle (about 4 1/2 to 5 inch) and stick one nail into one end of the pickle and the other nail into to the other end and the pickle would start to glow, but not very long. I think they used a plug-in (sorry if there are an electricans out there) but I would have to check on that.

    WAY COOL The chidren watched in amazement, but be warned, one pickle per experiment and if you left it plugged in for over a minute, well lets just say the kids thought the smell was pretty interesting too. --Lisa




  • Kids made "stained glass cookies", we talked about light, and reminded them that it’s not the stained glass window that shines, it’s the light that shines through it. It’s not us that shines, it’s Jesus’ love shining through us. Jan FPC Napa
  • Perhaps you could do something with preservation? Make refrigerator pickles maybe? --Jan S
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