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  • Salt Sprinkling over Earth Picture

Another art idea for the Matthew 5:13 verse "You are the salt of the earth" - I colored salt blue and green (quite easy: pour salt into a ziplok bag and sprinkle a few drops of food coloring in it and close the bag and shake and squeeze - then let it dry in the open bag for a couple of days) and printed off some card stock with a black and white picture of the earth on it and let the kids use the salt like glitter on the picture. Turned out pretty neat and the kids loved it. We also did some "taste" tests with salt and I think it made the Bible passage memorable.

Moderator notes:  I imagine she cover the earth with a glue stick before sprinkling salt, so salt would stick.  --PamJoy


  • Water Coloring with Salt

 An art idea for salt/light story: if you sprinkle salt on a wet watercolor painting you get an interesting textural effect. (Because the salt is absorbing water.) For more info on this art technique try this site: water color with salt There is even an idea there about a crayon drawing with a watercolor wash over it and then salt to create a starry night scene -- could be something in there for salt/light story.


  • Sand (Salt Art) - Cindy LB


  • Salt Dough Sculptures - Cindy LB


  •  Candles

    - You could also make or decorate candles in an art rotation. 

    - We have done a project at Christmas time with little wax punches, thin sheets of wax and taper candles that our kids just love. --Jan S


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