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  • Jesus is the "light of the world." What about a video about some missionary work your church is involved in? (Check with your denomination for resources) Children can watch a section of the video and then you can discuss how the light of Christ is being brought to that part of the world.  --LisaM 




  • Play Bible People charades. Have children act out a Bible character while the others guess. Discuss, how hard was it to figure out who each character was? How did the actors help you to know who they were? Lead into discussion: How hard was it for people to figure out who Jesus was? How did Jesus help them to know who he is? How do we know who Jesus is? etc.  -LisaM


  •  For your drama lesson you could have the students role-plays different ways they can bring "light" into the world. Give them a few situations that they can relate to (maybe a child having trouble at school, a friend who is having a hard time, or a neighbor who has lost their dog...) Have them act out with a partner how they can bring "light" to others and share God's love throught their actions.  --MMB 




  • Try having an interactive puppet time, with adults as puppeteers and children having a conversation with them. The puppets could be struggling to understand what a metaphor is and taking the metaphor very literally (licking Jesus to see if he is salty, looking for the light switch to turn him on, etc.) The children can help explain the metaphor to the confused puppet. --LisaM 



  • There's an Amy Grant song called Salt & Light, make something to give as an invitation to your Sunday school ....lots of options!--Zola
    [ 4firstchurchkids has asked: I am looking for ideas for a back to school rotation month emphasizing Matthew 5:14. We want to stress to the kids that they have the opportunity to be "light to the world" as they return to school.  Thanks!]  
  • And what about the good ol' song "This little light of mine" but do it with a fun twist ... like put water in glasses to get the right notes for a science/music workshop.  Jan FPC Napa 




  • And if you have a large play area that can be darkened, kids love flashlight tag!  --Jan S


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