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Reply to "SCIENCE (Object Lesson/Demonstration) Workshop Ideas for Psalm 100"

Water Chimes


Oooo ... I've been looking for a place to use this activity ...


This site calls them "water chimes" (you know, filling glasses of water to create a musical scale). http://www.creativekidsathome....ties/activity_6.html

  • The kids could be involved in the process of random amounts of water to see what they sound like.
  • Then use the exact amounts, using food coloring to color the water and creating different shades and hues.
  • It also ties in with Julie's thoughts of joyful noise!
  • It might be fun for each child - or each group - to choose one verse in the Psalm and put it to music with their new "instruments".


Why is this Science?
If you're wondering why I'd call this "science" ... I think the above site sums it up nicely ... "Science is about understanding the world around you. Don't think of complicated formulas, lab coats and text books. Think of the curiosity children are born with, always asking why? That's what science experiments are all about. Science experiments give you and your children the opportunity to invent, create and learn how things work." Smile



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In cleaning up this forum I thought these ideas from the bible background in this lesson set would tie in nicely with this science idea.


Using the 7 imperatives in Psalm 100: MAKE, WORSHIP, COME, KNOW, ENTER, GIVE, BLESS as a basis for each glass water chime. 


Using the food coloring to color the water and creating different shades and hues to represent each of the above imperatives.



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The Book of Psalms is the Hymnbook of the people of God, through the ages. Other than Psalm 23, Psalm 100 is the most often sung. This is the Psalm that 3rd graders recite when they get their Bibles each year.


The 1st verse of this Psalm is the same as the 4th verse of Psalm 98.


The Psalm is addressed to all the people of God. The subject is Thanksgiving and Praise to God.


There are 7 imperatives in this Psalm are: MAKE, WORSHIP, COME, KNOW, ENTER, GIVE, BLESS.


Why do we do these things? Because we are God’s people, and because The Lord is good and His love and faithfulness are for all time, throughout the ages.


The 7 imperatives above, are also action words…make what? Worship whom? Come where? Know what? Enter where? Give what? Bless whom?


This Psalm tells us about God’s love and faithfulness, and about how we respond as God’s people.


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