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Reply to "SCIENCE (Object Lesson/Demonstration) Workshop Ideas for Psalm 100"

Joy Like a Fountain

Lesson Idea


This would be something to do OUTSIDE, but it would certainly express excitement and joy!


  • 3 - 1 liter bottles of cola
  • penny
  • marble
  • Mentos Mint


Advance Preparation Requirements:


  • As with anything, you will want to try this out at home first!
  • You may want to do some research about WHY this happened with the MENTO mint.



  1. Place 3, 1- liter bottles of cola on a flat surface.
  2. Show the children three objects- a penny, a marble, and a MENTOS mint.
  3. Ask the children what they think will happen when the objects are dropped into the bottles.
  4. Then, Into one bottle, drop a penny

    the second bottle drop a marble

    the third bottle drop a MENTOS mint.

    (the cola will spew out of the bottle like a fountain!)


  • Then you can talk about worshipping God with joy, joy like a fountain, etc.
  • Also talk about what things Christians need in their lives in order to worship God with joy and excitement.

Have fun!
Jan S


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