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Volunteer Moderator notes Staci's Science Workshop Opening would make a great opening to use in any science workshop on Creation.  It would also be fun to do during children's time the first Sunday as an introduction to that month's focus - Creation, whereas the teacher would now be the pastor.

Teacher welcomes students to class and is interrupted by a group of people in HAZMAT suits (or lab coats).

  • They go to front of classroom and completely interrupt class with their mutterings, looking around, etc.  Teacher's protests are completely ignored.
  • Finally the leader points to a spot and says, "Here! Right here! This is the very spot on the planet where there is nothing at all!"
  • The others rush to him and form a circle. They all hold up their hands, palms facing in and think hard for about 15 seconds.  When nothing happens the teacher tries to ask what is going on.
  • Frustrated, the leader looks up and explains that they are in the middle of an experiment and would the teacher please stand over "there" out of the way. they form another circle and try again, concentrating harder.
  • Finally when nothing happens they consult their notes and one suggests trying to speak it, like the story goes.
  • So they all form a circle again but this time they say random words like pizza, sandwich, etc. as they concentrate. When this doesn't work, the leader suggests they all say the same thing, and they decide to say "Pizza."
  • One more time they form a circle and hold their hands out and all say Pizza together. Nothing happens and they look around dejected and frustrated.
  • The teacher goes to the leader and asks what experiment they are trying to do. "We are trying to create something from nothing. our calculations were correct - there is nothing here - well almost nothing." is the reply.
  • The teacher explains that only God can create from nothing. dejected, the Science team leaves.

Teacher goes on to explain that only God can create from nothing, but we will have fun creating something from the things God has made.

Science/Activity - Creating Earth-coloured Bouncy Balls

We are making earth-colored bouncy balls http://www.momto2poshlildivas....memade-bouncing.html to go with our memory verse: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." ).

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