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Reply to "The Parable of Specks and Logs (do not judge)"

Jaymie looking for a video

We're getting ready to teach this lesson on specks and logs (do not judge) in our Wednesday night program as part of a unit on Jesus' teachings.

Years ago I was in a continuing education class and we used a short video that was sooo good. It was called "Log Eye" (I think) and had these two characters -- one was wearing glasses with a big stuffed log coming out of one lens. Of course he was focused on the speck in the other character's eye. And they used the song from the old TV show Rawhide to have a song called Log Eye. I have tried and tried to find this video to no avail! Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Or have an alternate short video that could be used?


Luanne's reply

Jesus Stories

Haven't seen this video, but I'm wondering if it's "The Log & The Speck"
on the DVD - "Jesus Stories".

You can download it in MP4 format for $2.99 at Vision Video.  

"Through an ingenious combination of masks, mine, and the creative use of props storyteller Doug Berky breathes new life into the gospels."

Update: When I first posted it there was a free Guide you could download under "Resources" for the video, it is apparently now included on the MP4 download. For preview purposes I've attached the PDF guide.

Publisher Description: Using humor and emotion, these video shorts provide a fresh approach to Bible study. For ages 6-12.

Stories covered on video are:

"Jesus Teaches" contains three parables told by Jesus in the Gospels (17 minutes):
• The Lost Coin
• The Good Samaritan
• The Log and the Speck

"Jesus Cares" contains two stories showing how Jesus cared for other people (13 minutes):
• Feeding the Five Thousand
• The Woman Forgiven

"Jesus Heals" contains two stories from the Gospels on Jesus' healing (17 minutes):
• Blind Bartimaeus
• Zacchaeus


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