Reply to "Stoning of Stephen Lesson Ideas"

Stephen Resources/Ideas

If you look in the section on Paul's Conversion you will find a lot of lessons touch on the Stoning of Stephen - you may want to have a look at those lessons for possible ideas.

- 24 Tandem Bible Hero Storyscripts by Steven James, Standard Publishing. Page 75
- Have the children pick out scenarios from a hat to act out on being faithful or on forgiveness. Everyday things like sibling rivalry, school situations, home situations, etc.

Msss Bible Crafts has a section on Stephen - note not all the links work. msssbible

Crafts and Games:
I'd look for craft and game ideas on the concept of "Faithfulness" and/or "Forgiveness". Most craft and game books have indexes at the back it should be easy to find games for these concepts. Or do a google search on using "Chidren's ministry ....... game".

Younger children - use a movie that focus' on forgiveness. Such as:
- Oops Sorry (Cherub Wings Series) Vision Video.
- God Wants Me To Forgive Them (Veggies Tales)

Older Children
- Acts (Visual Bible) - Events 23-26
- Story You Can Believe In (Visual Bible for Kids) - out of print.
- SAUL OF TARSUS video by Nest Entertainment. The video starts with the story of Stephen and shows Saul holding the coats. There are a lot of characters in this video, including Paul's teacher Gamaliel, and Caiaphas the high priest. MAKE SURE YOU ANNOUNCE "who is who" as the video rolls, because it isn't obvious at first.  

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