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Member @Jaymie Derden sent us these two science (demonstration) experiments that illustrate Joseph's rejection by and forgiveness of his brothers.

In addition to demonstrating these experiments, you will want to teach your students to perform them at home AND be able to connect them to the principles in the Bible story.

1. Repelling, pushing away & bringing together, welcoming back

Pepper sprinkled on pan of water is repelled to the edge when a piece of soap touches the center of the water (breaks the surface tension).

Sprinkling sugar attracts the pepper back to the middle again.

What repels others? attracts?
What tools does God give us to be forgiving?
Which is Joseph like in this demonstration?

Demonstrate Joseph's rejection-forgiveness

See this demonstrations nicely described at Fun on a Dime's website
Images courtesy of, used with permission.

2. Magic Toothpick - What sinks the toothpicks? Causes them to scatter on the water?

What destroys the bonds between brothers? friends? Christians, nations?

In this experiment, touching the water inside the square of toothpicks -with a toothpick that has been dipped in soap, destroys the (surface tension) bond.


For details, see Floating Toothpick Trick (Kiwicrate is a maker of science toys/experiments packages). Their page has a good walk through and explanation (and a short video), as does www.kidzone


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