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Here are two science demonstrations about color and absorption. The water is absorbed, leaving the color changes. God uses our experiences to change and transform us.


  • clear plastic shoe boxes/containers with low sides – 1 per every 3-4 children
  • water based markers
  • clear plastic cups - 3 cups for every 3-4 children
  • white paper towels (thicker ones work better)
  • food coloring (blue & yellow show up best)
  • Pitchers of water
  • Table coverings

Advanced Preparations:

  1. Cover  tables with plastic tablecloths.
  2. Set out the cups and pitchers of water. You will need one set of three cups for every 3-4 children.
  3. Divide the markers into containers (lids to containers work well, or foam plates) and set out on tables within easy reach of each group of 3-4 children.
  4. Tear sections of paper towels and set aside. You’ll need one section for every 3-4 children for the first experiment, 1 sheet for every pair of children for second experiment.
  5. Make a sample sheet with marker dots to show children.

Walking Water #1
Source: allforkids tv season 4 episode 37 absorbing science (link removed - site no longer active)

Introduce the Activity:
Say: Today we’re going to do 2 demonstrations with water and color to remind us that God goes with us, just as God was with Joseph. God's presence changes us and transforms us.


  1. Place two cups next to each other.
  2. Fill one cup with water and have children stir in several drops of food dye. Be sure the water is dark.
  3. Roll up a paper towel and demonstrate how to place one end in the cup with water and the other in the empty cup beside it.
  4. The blue water will travel up the paper towel and into the empty cup…eventually both cups will have the same amount of blue water!
  5. Next try the experiment with two colors.
  6. Give each child a third cup with water and add yellow food coloring. 
  7. Roll a second paper towel. Place one end in the new cup and the other end in the middle cup. The middle cup should have one end of each towel in it.
  8. As the colored water is absorbed in the towel it travels up and then into the middle cup. The two original colors combine to make a third color (yellow + blue make green).

    This experiment takes a little time. While the water is “walking, “ perform the second demonstration:walking water 1

    Walking Water #2

    1. Give each pair of children a section of paper towel.
    2. Show children the sample paper towel sheet with marker dots, prepared ahead of time.
    3. Have children work together using the markers to make a line of dots about 2 fingers up from the bottom of the paper towel. Fold the top of the paper towel over the container so the dots are inside the container but not resting on the bottom.
    4. Slowly pour in some water until it just covers the bottom of the bottom of the paper towel – not covering the marker dots.
    5. Watch carefully as the water slowly travels up the paper towel toward the dots. What happens when the water reaches the dots? (the color in the dots starts to rise and spread). Eventually the water will move through the entire sheet of paper towel.

    walking water 2


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