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The Ten Commandments- Laws to Love By
Science Workshop 

Summary of Lesson Activities:
To construct a working water fountain using a mason jar, straws, and play dough.
Demonstrating the importance of following all the commandments, not just the easy ones.

Leader Preparation:

  • Review ten commandments
  • Read the accompanying Bible study helps.
  • Review the lesson plan in detail. Consider ways to adapt the workshop depending on the age group of participants (see age chart for assistance). 
  • Gather the materials.

Standard instructions for this workshop: 

  • Small class size - 3 to 4 children or the preschool class - all the material for one fountain.
  • Large group need one fountain for every 4 children.

Supplies List:

  • Mason jar and lid 
  • Play dough
  • water
  • medium sized bowl
  • large bowl
  • food coloring


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:
Greet the children and introduce yourself. 

Explain the purpose of this workshop. Use kid friendly words to give a brief overview of what the children are going to learn and do.  

Open with a prayer.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Scripture/Bible Story:
Retell story of Moses getting the ten commandments from God. Explain how it is important to follow all the laws, even the ones that are hard and inconvenient


  1. Break children down into groups of 4. (Under 1st grade should work as a group with you doing most of the experiment, let them help whenever possible)
  2. For older children, give them all the materials to make fountain and have them attempt the construction without any rules or help. (Skip this step with K-Preschool)
  3. Review rules/laws to making a working water fountain. (Listed on attached sheet)
  4. Construction an almost working fountain. Skip rule 4. (Placing play dough around straws) All the water will drain out of the mason jar into the large bowl, but no water is pulled from the medium bowl.
  5. Construction fountain again, but follow all the rules. For further proof, add yellow food coloring to water in mason jar, and blue food coloring to medium bowl water. When the experiment is finished the water in the large bowl will be green.
  6. If time permits, construct fountain again.

Instructions for constructing the fountain: 

  1. Make two holes in the lid, one in middle, the other closer to rim.
  2. Push a straw through middle hole so about 2 inches show inside lid. Insert the other straw in the rim hole, with only ½ inch inside the lid.
  3. Seal the gaps between the straws with play dough.
  4. Add two inches of water to jar and seal with lid.
  5. Fill medium sized bowl with water.
  6. Invert mason jar, holding it so the middle straw is in the medium bowl and the rim straw is over the large bowl.
  7. If constructed properly the water will be pulled from the medium bowl into the mason jar and finally into the large bowl.

Discussion Points:

  • Where you able to construction the fountain without any rules or help? God gave us the ten Commandments to help us build our lives and give us help when we are in need.
  • Did the fountain work when you didn't follow all the rules? 

Reflection Time:
Try to allow 15 (10 – 20) minutes for shepherds to work with the students at the end of the workshop. There may be specific Journal pages for this workshop that you will need to hand out to the shepherds. Shepherds will go over these with the students. Shepherds will also help the students to write on their Memory Verse & Prayer cards . 

Thank the children coming to the workshop and close with this prayer

Thank you God for your laws to help us lead our lives. Amen.


  • 175 Science Experiments to Amuse and Amaze your Friends, Brenda Walpole.

Fountain Rules:

  1. Thou shall make 2 holes in the lid.
  2. Thou shall push one straw into the middle lib hole so 2-3 inches is inside jar.
  3. Thou shall place another straw in the rim hole so only ½ inch is inside the jar.
  4. Thou shall place puddy around both straws.
  5. Thou shall fill the jar with 2-3 inches of water.
  6. Thou shall fill bowl with water
  7. Thou shall invert jar, middle straw in bowl and rim straw into large bowl.
  8. Thou shall help clean up.

A Sunday School lesson written by Kathy Gruver from: St. Peter's Lutheran Church
Lancaster, OH 

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