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We did the "Snow Playground" lesson last Christmas and I thought that I would share our experience--and some photos. 

We did not use an entire room.  I blocked off a corner of one of out rooms using some folded up tables and an old bulletin board!  I covered these with fabric.  I put a big painting tarp on the floor to contain the "snow".  I left a small opening so that the kids could enter the area as I didn't want them crawling over the barrier.

The peanuts were more expensive than I thought. I ended up getting a huge bag of them from UPS for about $20.  The prices at the U-Haul were way too expensive.  The best approach would be to plan farther ahead and get them online.   That's another reason why we used just a small space (which works because we have small classes)--it would have been too expensive to fill an entire room.


The peanuts were supposedly static-free.  They actually were static-free for the first class.  By the second week, they were sticking to everything.  I used a lint roller to get the bits of fluff off. 

The kids did enjoy the snow pit--make sure you go over the "rules" before you get into the snow, since they just want to dive in and start throwing it!  The lesson mentioned using a small coin.  I thought this would be too small, so I used a small Tupperware lid.  Even so, it took a while for the kids to find it.  If I'd used a coin, we might still be there!  20151220_110747

Clean-up wasn't too bad.  We actually used a small snow shovel to get a lot of the peanuts back into the bag.  Then we used the tarp to pour more of the peanuts into the bag. 


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  • 20151213_103042: Lesson Time
  • 20151213_111536: Set-up
  • 20151220_110747: Clean-up
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