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Sunday School "to go" with videos for fall 2020


At our church, we decided to do Sunday School "to go" for from Sept through the end of 2020 so I've got some new ways of doing that.

Each child has the opportunity to pick up or be mailed a "to go" kit that includes supplies that they might not have at home as well as some craft kits. I'll list that below.

I'm creating a video each week with original content as well as some of the Saddleback kids videos that we purchased for download (which are great!)

In addition to the video, there is an instruction sheet for each week with discussion topics for families and a coloring page.

You can see at all at:

We update each week with the newest video but the old ones are all at the bottom.

In their "to go" bag, each child got the following supplies that go with lessons to take them all the way through the end of December. One pick up covers them through 2020 with the hope that maybe in January we'll be doing Children's Ministry activities in person again. Even though they have all of the supplies, I haven't posted all of the lessons and videos yet. I'm posting them weekly as they come:

  • A wooden box to decorate for an upcoming Thanksgiving lesson and stickers to go with it
  • A treasure digging rock that we got on a clearance at Group publishing some time ago but is basically plaster with some plastic gems inside that kids can "dig up"
  • A floating toy about hope from Group publishing called the Hope n Hover that we had leftover from vbs
  • A tiny spirograph toy
  • A paper guess who/ bingo:
  • Yarn for a weaving project
  • Straws for a weaving project
  • A battery tea light
  • Paper sunglasses for decorating for a New Year's activity in Dec
  • A Nativity Charades game from Oriental Trading
  • Plastic Gems for marking their bingo card
  • A plastic coin
  • 2 packages of smarties candies for making scrolls
  • An oriental Trading train bracelet kit
  • A fuzzy Nativity poster from oriental trading
  • A 3D lantern from Oriental Trading
  • An Acorn craft, Advent Scratch craft, pipe cleaner angel craft, plastic nativity camera, grace ornament all from oriental trading
  • 2 pipe cleaners, a magnet, a bag of beads all for making butterflies later this fall
  • A big paper nativity to cut out and decorate.

I've gotten permission from some authors to read their books in my videos so that has been a fun addition.

Here's my general plan (super rough!)

Sept 24- Treasure in heaven

Make a treasure map

Oct 4-seek and you will find

God appears to Elijah in whisper


Oct 11-The Bible is the Light

Last lesson before kits go out

Oct 18- Wisdom

Guess who game

Discovery Rock Treasure excavation kit

Oct 25- Finding surprise treasure- Josiah

Smarties scrolls, bracelets

2 Kings 23:25 NIV

Neither before nor after Josiah was there a king like him who turned to the LORD as he did—with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his strength, in accordance with all the Law of Moses.

Nov 1

God treasures us!

Parable of the lost coin

Matching game


Nov 8

He will show you which path to take


Jesus gives us direction to fulfill his plan because He loves us and treasures us

Spirograph toy

Nov 15

Far Flutterby book

Pipe cleaners

Baggie of Beads


Clothes pin

New creation

Nov 22

Books- The Oak inside the Acorn

Acorn craft

Nov 29

Thankful for who God made us to be and for His other good creations

You are Special book

Thankful lists in wooden box with Fall and Leaf stickers

Advent Scratch Reveal

Dec 6

Grace ornament

A Christmas Book

Paper nativity

Nativity Charades

Dec 13

Humphrey book

Yarn with straws weaving (do on the video)- each kid gets 5 straws, 5 beads

Fuzzy Nativity Poster

Dec 20

Song of the Stars

Lantern craft with candle

Angel ornament

Nativity Camera

Dec 27

The First Christmas Night or This is the Star


Looking for Jesus in 2021!

Star Glasses with star stickers

Hope n Hover by Group toy


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