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Supporting Member Transactions, Credit card issues, Crowdstack-Pay Contact's website is built using Social Strata's "Crowdstack" platform. Supporting Member credit card transactions are handled by Social Strata's Crowdstack-Pay secure transaction service (formerly known as "CROWDSTACK-PAY").

Declined Credit Card?

If the credit card you used to pay for your Supporting Membership gets declined for whatever reason, Crowdstack-Pay will email you a link to you where you can update your CC info and run the transaction again. If you don't see that email, look in your spam folder!

Here's the direct link to renew your membership with your CC info.

You have a seven day grace period after your renewal date to get  your transaction updated and purchase another year of supporting membership. Your online member status will still show you are a Supporting Member during this grace period. After seven days, your membership will revert to the free "Registered" membership.

Not Getting the Email Notifications about Renewal or CC problems?

Check your email inbox or Spam folder for emails from CROWDSTACK-PAY. They are sometimes spam trapped.  Find them, and mark them as "important" or "not spam."

Problems with your Supporting Member Transaction?

If you're having trouble with their form, or getting your creditcard to work with Crowdstack-Pay, contact them directly at or via email at They are friendly, quick to respond, and easy to deal with.

You will need to give them the name of our community (, and be prepared to give them your name and creditcard information.

♦ Please note that CROWDSTACK-PAY uses the term "PREMIUM" member, rather than "Supporting" member.

♦ Remember to write down the account name and password you use to process your credit card with CROWDSTACK-PAY. does not have access to your secure details.

If requested, we CAN help you contact CROWDSTACK-PAY and will be glad to help you resolve any issues. Email

  • We can cancel your account and pending credit card transactions.
  • We can cancel your auto-renewal, but keep your account active.
  • We can, if requested, issue you a pro-rated refund per our Terms of Service.
  • We can accept checks instead of your cc transaction. See the address at the end of our membership info page.

If all else fails, you can email our volunteer admin at, but first, please try to solve your cc transaction issue with the above mentioned helps.


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