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Teaching the Lord's Prayer and Practicing Prayer At Home

Prayer is an important spiritual practice, and it's also a great God-given way to relieve stress and persevere during just such a time as this.

Last Winter, the Writing Team released its Lord's Prayer lesson set which not only emphasized the meaning of the Lord's Prayer but also the PURPOSE AND PRACTICE of prayer.

In the following posts, we have taken some of the Team's Prayer lessons and adapted them for easy at home-use by a parent or care-giver. Adaptations include supplies most families have on hand or can pick up on their next grocery run and easy-to-follow instructions for parents that will work with both younger and older kids. (Each of these lessons is available as a PDF that Supporting Members can easily share with members of your church.)

Check out the ORIGINAL Lord's Prayer lesson set, and see our "at home" adaptations below!

Lesson adaptations include:

  • Why and How We Pray: Start with this lesson, which includes links to two short YouTube videos and nudging discussion starters.
    Lesson below, or print and share this PDF
  • Art: A scripture doodling activity is a perfect family Bible study method for any passage, and it's outlined in this article
  • "Forgiveness: untying the human knot": This is a family team-building game that drives home the meaning of "forgive us our debts (or trespasses)" in a memorable way.
    Find the lesson below, or download and share this PDF
  • Computer Game: Galilee Flyer: This lesson uses a FREE computer software "flying game" about the Lord's Prayer The software is now available FREE for download for all of our Supporting Members (and it can be given to your church's families at home); see information here. 
  • "Our Daily Pizza" Cooking: Family pizza party! Need we say more?
    Download and share the PDF or see the lesson posted below.
  • Elephant Toothpaste Science Demonstration: A homeschool science demonstration that doubles as a prayer object lesson.  
    See the lesson below, or share the PDF.
  • The Lord's Prayer: a home movie: Make a fun video using our easy improvisational script, then share it with grandparents and friends! (This one works better with families of four or more people. Or invite a few friends to join you!)
    Check out the lesson below, or download the PDF.

Note that these lesson plans are open to our amazing Supporting Members who help make our website and its resources possible. Thank you! 


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