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Resources for Solomon's Temple


  • Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Temple, By: Robert Backhouse, Kregel Publications, 1996, ISBN: 0825430399. This book follows the history of Jewish worship from its early days in the Tent of Meeting at Mount Sinai to the first temple building constructed by Solomon. The enlargement of the second temple building by Herod and the subsequent history of the temple mount through the modern era are also covered in detail.Solomon's Temple Model by Tim Dowley
  • Solomon's Temple Model, by: Tim Dowley, Candle Books, 2011, ISBN: 9780825474255. Fully illustrated guide to Solomon's Temple. Comes complete with ready-to-build replica of the Temple.



  • Wooden Tray Puzzle: The Temple (4s-K) Lifeway, Grades 1-4; 14-20 flat pieces.  (Note:  there is no picture behind pieces for kids to match to, so this is better with the older kids.Solomon's Temple Floor Puzzle by Lifeway
  • Solomon's Temple Floor Puzzle , Lifeway, 2009, 6343370716169.  Grades 1-4, 48 pieces, completed size is 24" x 36".  Pictured to the right, items are labeled with cut-a-ways to show inside.



The below software is older and no longer in print, but some churches may still have.

  • Pathways Through Jerusalem (Out of Print) - King David Tour - Temple Section.
  • Star Chasers (Out of Print)- Under Take A Journey - Temple Map (Herod's Temple).
  • Disciples Diary (Out of Print) - Video on 3D- Essene Temple & Herod's Temple.



  • Solomon by Nest – covers his brother, two mothers and one baby story, and the end touches on building of the temple, approx. 30 minutes. Nest Website
  • Solomon's Temple, Vision Video, 3D Animated. Running time is 30 minutes. Takes you on a visual tour of the temple.  You will need to have a sheet with details of the different items to pause and discuss as you view the video.



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