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Managing your Supporting Member account, including turning off the auto-renewal feature, is your responsibility.

This information was provided in an email sent during your registration and is included in every email newsletter we send out. If you didn't see it or ignored it, we're sorry about that. uses Social Strata's Crowdstack-pay membership software to provide you with a secure and PRIVATE transaction. That's why we can't manage it for you. If you decide to end your support, it is up to you to end the membership transaction PRIOR to its renewal date.

Ignoring these options or failing to read the numerous reminders and emails associated with this process is your choice.  We understand that people "forget" or church staff members change. In spite of this, we hope that you will understand that...

The transaction you approved is your responsibility.

Here's what we hope you will do...

From time to time, a Supporting Member accidentally lets their membership renew when they intended to cancel it. In most cases, the member graciously considers it a donation and then cancels their auto-renew, or contacts us for help in doing so.

Instructions for canceling and/or turning off auto-renew on your Supporting Membership

1.  Click here to access your Profile's Membership Page and turn off the "auto renew" feature.

This will set your supporting membership to expire on its one year anniversary. 
Cancelling auto-renew will keep your Supporting Membership in force until your annual membership expires on its renewal date, and then your membership will revert to a free non-supporting membership.  

                           ⇒ Cancelling auto-renew won't stop emails.

2. To stop getting email from the site: after canceling auto-renew on your Supporting Membership, select "suspend all email notifications from your Profile's Notifications Control Panel.

We cannot manage these notifications settings for you. They are your private options. Cancelling auto-renew doesn't cancel your free membership.

So to recap:  (1) Turn off Auto-Renew, then (2) Turn off email notifications.

If you make a mistake and sign up twice as a Supporting Member...

Please contact us for assistance right away. After 45 days, no refund will be issued.

Refund Policy

We are charged a processing fee by our service provider on every renewal, which must be paid by us regardless of your cancellation. The cost of a full refund due to your oversight or mistake would be borne by other members. Thus, we only offer partial refunds.   

AFTER your Supporting Membership has auto-renewed, you may request a refund if your request is within 45 days of your renewal dateHowever, we can only refund $30 of the $45 transaction. 

After 45 days of your renewal date, no refunds will be issued. 

We are sorry if you forgot to turn off auto-renew, didn't see, or ignored our monthly reminders, but there must be a cut-off date.

99% of our non-renewing supporting members never request a refund. They understand that we are a non-profit mission to Sunday School, not a "returnable product." 

To receive a partial refund:

If you missed or ignored all the notices and emails about the auto-renew feature, and still want a refund, and it is within 45 days of your renewal, then you can send a WRITTEN REQUEST for a refund to our volunteer Treasurer:, Inc
c/o Cathy Walz, Treasurer
1518 Elgin Avenue
Forest Park, IL 60130

You must include your full name, email address, snail-mail address, and your displayed/member name. 

Please remember: Only $30 of the $45 annual fee can be refunded.

Important requests:

♦  Please do not contact Social Strata/Crowdstack-pay (our site and membership service provider) to initiate a refund, as they will charge us for your mistake. If we need to refund you, it costs us less to send you a check.

♦  Please do not initiate a 'chargeback' through your credit card company simply because you ignored the renewal notification email. We will be charged an additional $20 chargeback fee for your mistake and that's not right either.

Thank you for your time and gifts to support this ministry. You are welcome to post a reply here or a request for help here.

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