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About the Auto-Renewal Reminders

We alert our supporting members to the auto-renew feature in many ways and places:

  • at the time of your registration in the welcome email
  • at the bottom of every monthly newsletter
  • in various reminder announcements throughout the year
  • in several locations at our website
  • in our terms of service
  • and via the annual advance notice emailed prior to the actual auto-renew, and when the renewal happens.

Occasionally, someone's email program treats our email notifications, or those from Social Strata and Crowdstack, as "spam." However, because the initial registration process cannot be completed without receiving our email, you did receive auto-renew info. We cannot be responsible for subsequent changes in your email settings that cause you to block our emails.

You will receive advance notification of your auto renewal  

One week prior to your membership's auto-renewal, you will receive an email notification from "alerts@crowdstack"  This is Social Strata's Crowdstack-Pay service.

If you do not want to auto-renew, and never turned off that feature, you need to immediately go here and turn off auto renew. 

If the credit card you used to create your membership has expired, you will receive an email alert asking you to access your account, and update your card info. 

If your credit card has expired and you fail to update it, your membership will simply revert to "Registered Member" status, and you can upgrade it back to "Supporting" status at any time.

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