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The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

This spring we created a midweek program on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe that ran for 5 weeks. Each week we had one character from the book come in costume and tell a part of the story (I rewrote parts of the book in the first person). Here are some of the things we did...

Session 1: "Always Winter, Never Christmas"
Storyteller: Mr. Tumnus
Main Point: Things are not right in the world (sin in the world)
Activities: Making and decorating Passports and Making Snowflake Glitter Cutouts (these become part of room decorations)
Games: On theme of ice/snow - teams decorate one team member as a snowman with TP and construction paper, "cold potato" - fill a regular balloon with water, then freeze, pass to music, Snowball Relay - with straws, blow styrofoam balls around an obstacle course, Winter Pictionary (use words like "mittens" "snowboard" etc)

Session 2: "Turkish Delight"
Storyteller: The White Witch
Main Point: Things are not right in us (personal sin)
Activities: Making Turkish Delight (Lemon Bars) and Pinata give-away. Kids break pinata like usual, but are instructed that when the candy/toys fall, they are not allowed to take any for themselves, but must only put candy in other kids bags ("unlike Edmund, we will not be greedy, but will give to others)

Session 3: "Aslan on the Move"
Storyteller: Mr. Beaver
Main Idea: The Hope of a Savior and the meaning of prophecy
Activities: Transformatin to Spring: Kids created spring art (tissue paper butterflies and flowers, spring murals w/ paint stamping, glue ons, etc), then the kids helped take down the winter decorations and put up the spring decorations - bringing hope to Narnia
Game: Aslan Freeze Tag (found in

Week 4: "The Great Battle"
Storyteller: Edmund
Main Idea: How do we fight against things that are not right in the world? Through serving those in need and standing up for the weak.
Activities: Shield Making - Kids make their own "coat of arms" in an outline of a shield - they draw pictures of gifts God has given them, then cut out, glue on large paper plate, adult staples a ribbon across the back for a handle.
Cards for the Homebound - have kids make bright, cheery "thinking of you" cards for homebound church members or a local nursing home

Week 5: "Aslan's Amazing Sacrifice"
Storyteller: Lucy
Main Idea: Jesus' sacrifice for us on the cross
Activities: Lion Cookies - kids decorate cookies that are shaped like lions
Lion puppets - find template at
Crown Making - ordered white cardboard crowns from Oriental Trading Co. - add names, stick on jewels and color. If time, you can have a sort of coronation ceremony (we are all made children of God and will recieve crowns in heaven)

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