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Our church used your (Editor's note: Julie47's) breakdown as a starting point for a five week Narnia series. We watched the movie over the five weeks (about 25-30 minutes each week), then had discussion time, and then an activity or craft. Following is a brief synopsis of what we did.

Week 1: Sin is in the World (Gen. 3 was our text)
After watching the movie, we discussed: What is sin--doing your own thing--choosing your way instead of God's way; How did sin enter the world--Adam & Eve's disobedience; and What is the result of sin--separation from God (God used to walk around the Garden w/Adam & Eve, but not after the fall & Aslan hadn't been around Narnia after the Witch entered)
Our craft was to draw winter forest scenes on black construction paper with white chalk and hang them up until the Spring came to Narnia.

Week2: Sin is in Us--specifically to the story: selfishness & how Satan (& the Witch) use flattery to lure us to sin. We used Gen 3 again as the text. After watching more of the movie, we discussed: What is selfishness, flattery; how the serpent used those tools to get Eve & Adam to sin; how Satan tried to use those tools again to tempt Jesus; and how the Witch used them to tempt Edmund.
Our activity was breaking a pinata and then everyone having to put candy in everyone's bag, but not their own (avoiding selfishness).

Week 3: Good is coming and Everyone must Choose Between Good & Evil. After watching the next segment of the movie, we first discussed the meaning of prophecy and then the prophecies in movie & book and then prophecies about Jesus. Then we discussed the fact that everyone must now make the choice between good & evil and which one some of the characters in the movie chose. Our Bible text for this part was Joshua 24:14-15.
Our craft was to decorate picture frames ($1 each at Michael's) with paint, or buttons & colored stones and then frame the verse Joshua 24:15b "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Week 4: The Sacrifice for Good with 1 John 2:2 as the verse. After the next part of the movie, we discussed Aslan's sacrifice for Edmund and Jesus' sacrifice for us and how they each did so willingly.
Our craft was stone "tables" where we used quick-setting cement in shoe boxes (about 2 inches of cement in each box) and then put the kids' handprints in them and stones or beads, too.

Week 5: Good Conquers Evil. After the final portion of the movie, we discussed Jesus' and Aslan's resurrection from the dead and the final battle where Aslan conquers the Witch and the final conquering of Satan.
Our craft was to decorate shields made from round silver, gold and bronze plastic serving trays I found at Big Lots.

The kids seemed to really enjoy the movie and the activities. We're hoping to go see the new Narnia movie together when it comes out.

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