The Walk to Emmaus Lesson Set -- FUMC Ann Arbor, MI

The Walk to Emmaus

Overview of all workshops in this Rotation

Note: We've been using the Workshop Rotation Model long enough to start over again with our Scope & Sequence, repeatngi stories. Thus, the multiple workshops that I've offered here. (Click on the underlined words to take you right to each lesson.)

--for 4th-6th grade

  • Old Art lesson: (Done 6 years ago, not used in 2008.) Create eggshell mosaic crosses to celebrate the truth of the resurrection.
  • Cooking: Make footprint shaped sugar cookies. Discuss how Jesus walks with us on our faith journey.
  • Newsroom: Film a news report with participants in the story.
  • New Science: Through a demo & hands-on exercises, explore the concept of how we view objects around us. Discuss “seeing” or recognizing Jesus.
  • Old Science: (Done 6 years ago. Not used in 2008.) It’s hard to recognize Jesus. Optical illusion and slight of hand magic tricks open discussion on how things are not always what they appear.

--for 1st- 3rd grade:

  • Art: Create a banner made from painted footprints. Discuss how Jesus walks with us on our faith journey.
  • Drama: Be a part of the scene where Jesus broke bread. Learn about Communion.
  • Storytelling: Hear from 3 storytellers: the woman at the tomb and the travelers on the road. (Includes an option for just 1 traveler on the road.)

Scripture Reference:

Luke 25:13-35 

Key Verse:
“Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him.” Luke 24:31a (NIV)

Rotation Objectives--

at the end of the Rotation, kids should be able to:

  • Name that the story is found in the New Testament in the Gospels.
  • Locate the story in the Gospel of Luke. (For 3rd grade and up)
  • Re-tell in his/her own words the Walk to Emmaus story.
  • Draw parallels between the idea of the disciples walk with Jesus and our own continuing faith journey.
  • Examine the concept of recognizing Jesus; how we “see” Jesus today in our lives.
  • Discover that Jesus revealed himself in breaking the bread and continues to be revealed in the Sacrament of Communion.

Story Background:

Refer to the Bible background written by Rev. Neil MacQueen for the Writing team.


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