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Reply to "VIDEO and MUSIC Workshop Lessons, Ideas and Resources for the Birth of Jesus"


1. The King is Born
Nest Entertainment
30 minutes


  • God promised the Jews that he would send a Savior. The promise was kept with Jesus. What promises does God make to us? What promises do we make to Him?
  • God spoke to Mary and Joseph through an angel. How does God speak to us today? Do you think there are still angels today?

Refer back to the memory verse for the month. . . Hebrews 1:14. . .Also, talk about Hebrews 13:2.
(Have kids look these verses up in their Bibles and follow along or read aloud themselves!) Write the version listed above on a large piece of paper and post somewhere in the room for kids to refer to. Talk about the differences in the wording in the different translations of the Bible.

· Why do you think the angels appeared to the shepherds and not to the people in the city? (Do you ever get too busy to listen to God?)

2. “Alabaster’s Song – Christmas through the Eyes of an Angel”

Tommy Nelson – Word Kids!
30 minutes


  • What are angels? (Angels are God’s helpers, His messengers.)
  • Where are the angels, where do they live? (Up in heaven and all around us)
  • What do angels do? Why are they around? (Angels protect us, guide us, bring us messages/announcements, help us)
  • How do we know that angels exist? (The Bible tells us so, God tells us, some people have seen angels or felt their presence beside them)
  • When we die and go live in heaven with God, we will be called a saint. God tells us what a wonderful mansion He has prepared for us. We know there is no fear of death when we believe in the Lord.
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