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A Review and Idea for Speed Sketch

Speed Sketch DVDWe bought Speed Sketch: The Story of Advent.  We tried to show and discuss all four and the novelty of watching the person speed sketch and color the drawings wore off pretty quickly.

Thus, I would not watch all four stories in a row as the main activity of a video workshop, but rather, as an introduction to the story/scripture, then follow it up with an activity.

Note: All of Speed Sketches Bible presentations are now on YouTube for free. Search YouTube for "Speed Sketch Bible Stories."  They can all be freely downloaded from the publisher. Look at the bottom of this page at Wesleyan Publishing for the download link.


Use one or two of the speed sketch videos to share the story and prep your kids to make their own speed catch video!

How to make your own speed sketch?
Download a free video app to your cellphone. Record the student drawing their assigned scene, then play it back with the video speed turned up!    If you have several adults, get each to download a speedup app in advance and bring their cellphones so you can record several kids at once. Another option is to have kids work together on one large drawing.

TIP: For best recording, position the cellphone on a flexible tripod or simple frame you make yourself to look DOWN onto the drawing on the table. That will keep the camera from moving around (which is annoying at higher speed).

Note: There are many "video speed up, slow down" apps to choose from for both iPhone and Android phones, and they come and go. Search your app store.


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