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Positive reviews of "The Star" (2017) — as seen on our Facebook Page

Member Robin Cannon wrote:

I took a group last weekend - as young as 3 year olds and including lots of parents. We all really enjoyed it and even the very young children enjoyed it. There is plenty of humor and adventure, but they get the important parts of the story right!

Member Ron Shifley wrote:

We took a group of young families from our church to see The Star last weekend. Everyone loved the movie. Some of the mothers said it almost made them cry. The movie, given its retelling from the animals point of view, and slapstick comedy, would not make Sunday School material, but the movie did hit most of the high points of the Gospel narratives of the Christmas story in a reverential way. The best part of the film was the dialogue between Mary and Joseph when she revealed she was carrying the Christ Child, and how Joseph had to struggle to understand it. The movie did offer some good moral lessons too: that sometimes we carry royalty unaware, and that bad dogs can be redeemed and welcomed into the throne room of grace. I personally loved the annunciation of Mary and angelic announcement to the shepherds scenes.

On a personal note, I took my 3 year old grandson to see the movie with our group, and he was enthralled during the whole movie.

Our church is using video clips from the film that we purchased from movie’s website’s Resource Section for churches to illustrate our Advent Wreath lighting meditations this year. It’s not Sunday School material, but would make a great Faith & Films Family Night.
Free “The Star Family Discussion Guide” from the Star production company. Theme: Courage to Hope and Seek. http://origin-flash.sonypictur...wellplannedguide.pdf

Link to the free “Star” movie discussion guide:


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