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Reply to "VIDEO and MUSIC Workshop Lessons, Ideas and Resources for the Birth of Jesus"

More FREE Christmas videos

on YouTube, from the children and adults of St Paul's Church, Auckland, New Zealand:

An Unexpected Christmas: a speculative conversation between God and the angels about sending his son. "They won't be expecting that!" A bit over 5 minutes long.

Consider following it with creating your own video of the angels announcing to the shepherds and singing (either a traditional hymn like "Joy to the World" or a song of their own creation).

Next is an "American English" version of “An Unexpected Christmas” based on the same script. It's a little less charming and humorous and also doesn't include the manger scene which the original NZ version does.

Good News of Great Joy.  A slightly different look at the Christmas story -- it starts with Adam and Eve in the Garden, having a great time hanging out with God! Then a quick look at the fall, Noah's ark, the Ten Commandments, and ends with the angels announcing JOY TO THE WORLD to the shepherds. About 4 minutes long.

Great for starting conversations about why we need a savior. Would be a great introduction for an art workshop or Bible skills workshop where you talk about Jesse Tree and make (or color) ornaments.  Google Jesse Tree ornaments for all sorts of ideas; here is one. Also check Jesse Tree ideas here in this Forum.

This video could even be included in an Adam and Eve and the Fall workshop lesson.

When God Was Born: the children retell the story, with some simple truths ("he was just a normal human") and a few fuzzy details (such as Gabriel visiting Joseph in the daytime instead of in a dream). Four and a half minutes long.

This video might be a good inspiration for the children developing their own retelling of the story, either as a group (a drama or puppet show in class) or individually (practice retelling with or without puppets or props to spread the good news to their family and friends at home).

Gold Frankincense Myrrh: The prophecies and symbols surrounding the birth of Jesus. Reading of scriptures and dramatizing of snippets of the story of Jesus (including crucifixion). Not as much fun as the above videos featuring children, but therefore may be better for older students. About 4  minutes long.

Would be a helpful intro for a names of Jesus workshop.

Star of Wonder: "When they saw the star, they were overjoyed." (Matthew 2: 10) "Candid Camera" type street scenes of people reacting to a cheerful child dancing down the street in a star costume. About 3 minutes.

Great conversation starter about carrying the Good News into our community. How do we do it? Could be an intro for a mission workshop.

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