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"What's in the Bible"


DVD #8 "The Writings" in the What's in the Bible? video series by Phil Vischer (he of Veggie Tales) has about 12 minutes of material that teaches the story of Job to kids.  It is very good.


The following outline comes from my own detailed outlines of the What's in the Bible DVD series.



DVD #8 "The Writings"


Chapter 3: Job's Story

  • Church lady explains about Job -the first book of the Writings.
  • Pastor Paul explains that the word "Satan" means an "adversary." "Sometimes the Bible is clear, and sometimes not."
  • Church lady continues to explain the story of Job


Chapter 4: The Lesson of Job

  • Chuck Wagon sings a song summarizing Job's story. "Even though your heart is hurtin, it isn't time to be desertin."
  • Phil and characters explain how you figure out what kind of writing Job is. "Job is a dramatic poem." Inc. is a volunteer-run, 100% member supported, 501(c)3 non-profit Sunday School lesson ministry. All content here is the copyrighted property of its listed author. You are welcome to borrow and adapt content here for non-commercial teaching purposes --as long as both the site and author is referenced. Posting here implies permission for others to use your content for non-commercial purposes. Inc reserves the right to manage, move, condense, delete, and otherwise improve all content posted to the site. Read our Terms of Service. Google Ad Note: Serving the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, S. Africa, and more! is rated 5 stars on Google based on 55 reviews.