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Noah and the Ark

Video Workshop 

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Uses the video "Noah and the Ark" narrated by James Earl Jones, adaptation from Peter Spier's book.

Scripture Reference:

Genesis 6-9.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Preview the video.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • "Noah and the Ark" narrated by James Earl Jones, adaptation from Peter Spier's book.
  • Popcorn

Advanced Preparation Requirements:

  • Have the video ready to go when the kids arrive.
  • Pop the popcorn.



Greet the children and introduce yourself. 


Pass out popcorn and juice boxes at the beginning of the movie.

Suggest for here you use another churches lesson's material found in the next post called  - Noah's Ark Video Workshop that was written by Judy from: Augustana Lutheran Church.

Questions for thought and key concepts:

  • Noah was a good man who was faithful to God and obeyed God in building the ark.
  • Noah was on the ark with his wife, his family, and two of every animal and creature.
  • The flood went on for 40 days, and then it took another 150 days for the water to go down.
  • When the rain stopped, Noah sent out a dove to see if there was any dry land. The first time, the dove returned. The second time, the dove returned with an olive branch - a sign of dry land! The third time, the dove didn't come back (it had found land to settle in)
  • After the rain stopped, the waters dried up; and God commanded Noah to bring his family and all the animals out of the ark.
  • God made a covenant with Noah and his descendants: that never again would God cause another flood. As a sign of this covenant, God made a rainbow in the sky. We see this rainbow after it rains, and we are reminded of God's love for us as well.
  • God makes a covenant with us; and we are to keep our part of the covenant to love and obey God.

Note: The one "hitch" of this story is the issue of God destroying the world and everything in it. It would be advisable to refrain from getting "hung up" on this part of the story, if it's addressed at all. The important point is God's mercy and love as is expressed in the covenant. This should be the primary emphasis in teaching.

Some Questions:

  1. The Bible says that Noah was a good man who lived right and obeyed God. What kinds of things do you think Noah did to show that he obeyed God?
  2. Why was it important for Noah to take two of each of the animals on the ark?
  3. What are some things Noah and his family might have been thinking during the 40 days of rain and 150 days of waiting for the flood waters to go away?
  4. Why do you think Noah built an alter immediately after leaving the ark?
  5. . What are some promises we can make to God? How can we show we love God?


End with a prayer.

Resources: Read aloud books
• Noah’s Ark by Peter Spier
• Noah’s Ark by Jerry Pinkney
• What do you do with a tail like this? By Robin Page, Steve Jenkins

A lesson written by Cristy Balcells from: St. Paul's Episcopal Church 
Kingsport, TN 

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