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VIDEO/A-V Workshop Lessons & Ideas for Parable of the Talents, Pounds

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Post your Sunday School video, A-V lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for the Parable of the Talents, Pounds.

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Matthew 25:14–30, master who entrusts his property to his servants, Buried talent, stewardship, Kingdom, giving, etc. 

Bible lessons and ideas about the Parable of the Talents, Pounds -with video, audio-visual, movie, video-tape, animated Bible, etc.

Boris the Camel (also told as Camelephantelopelicanary)

The following link was posted by Luanne Payne in response to a ART lesson in this forum which  uses an image about a strange animal called an "CAMELEPHANTELOPELICANARY".

"Boris the Camel" – is an online presentation about a camel who saw the talents of other animals and added them to his own.

You can download for free and copy to a disk so you can copy onto other computers, if you use it in that format from www-dream-uk-net-g2_itemd28 (link no longer works)

I have copied the swf file for safekeeping and attached it to this post for techies who know how to run with it. See attachment at end of this post.

To play it:   just right click on the downloaded file name "boris.swf" and select:

"OPEN WITH" and then select the name of your internet browsers, such as, Internet Explorer or Firefox or whatever internet program you use.

It will automatically play on your computer (does not require an internet connection if you saved it to your computer).  Children will need to read text, then click NEXT to turn pages. On the last page to turn him back to normal the kids have to click on each extra body part to remove it.

I was also thinking you could print this on coloured overheads (if you don't have a video projector). You would not get the animation, but it would make a great story opening when you first gather – or make up you own flannegraph, or have a picture of an elephant, with pre-drawn pictures of body parts, to add to story.


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