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A Closer Look (Paws & Tales Series)

DVD - When your gifts seem to be hidden sometimes it helps to take a closer look!

OUT OF PRINT - "A Closer Look" (Paws and Tales) a 3-D animated mystery from Chuck Swindoll and Insight for Living, 0845547010033.

This DVD was released in Sept. 2005, but I just came across it recently and after previewing it was really impressed by the storyline, animation, and the characters. It includes fun segments where one of the characters thinks she's Dick Tracy and it goes to black & white sequences, brought back memories.

Publisher Description:

"A story about celebrating our God-given abilities and encouraging us to use them to serve one another. Based on the popular radio series called Paws & Tales.

Staci's convinced she doesn't do anything well. After all, she can't paint amazing pictures like Gooz or spell nearly as well as Ned. But when a mysterious gift is left on her doorstep, Staci must use all of her skill to crack the case and reveal the gift-giver. It's a clue-solving adventure that will send Staci and her palls to the edge of Wildwood and back again! Running time is approximately 30 minutes. Recommended for ages 6 to 10."

MAX7's The Parable of the Talents

A really nice short animation (free to download) at MAX7  Music soundtrack, nothing is spoken, very nice!  (4:37 mins)

Here is a preview someone posted on YouTube

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