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See attached photo of completed project!

Creating an interactive Stewardship "TV" display for kids and adults to add comments about what they are grateful for.

(This could also be an art project.)

Students assemble and illustrate a scroll which are turned on dowel rods. Viewer hand-cranks the rods to turn the scroll.  This is an old a-v idea with many applications. Can be large or small.

Here's a photo of one using a shoebox.

THE TWIST:  Making it interactive....allowing others to add to your "Gratitude TV"

  1. Make this a BIG BOX for display in a prominent location in the church.
  2. Assemble the scrolling paper on rods inside the box so that a sheet of cardboard fits BEHIND the pages. This is to give people a hard surface to write their own comments right on the scroll-screen.  (Several ways to do this.)
  3. In addition to what the student will add to the scroll, VISITORs will be invited to add to the scroll screen after it is mounted in the box (hence, the need for a firm backing to write on).
  4. At INTERVALS on the scroll, students will create a LABELED BLANK SPACE STATEMENTS with categories such as,

    "I'm grateful for my pet...."

    "I am grateful for this special person in my life...."

    "I am grateful for this particular special place in my world..."

    "I thank God for giving me...."

    etc,  etc

    Students can pre-position images on these blank spaces, such as, a picture of the church or a pet.

    Students should add Bible verses to the outside of the Box, or on a screen.
  5. On one page, cover it with silver mylar so that it's a mirror. Add the label, "We are thankful for you, a child of God."
  6. Hang markers attached to string for 'viewers' to add their comments.
  7. Leave it up for a few Sundays and then "play" the Gratitude TV in a children's sermon.



Again, this is a photo of a shoebox version. Making it a big group project will invite others to ADD their gratitudes to the project.



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