Reply to "VIDEO/A-V Workshop Lessons & Ideas for Prodigal Son"

"Known" (and loved by you) by Tauren Wells
set to scenes from the Son of God movie 

I cannot find the reasons why you give me so much"  sounds like the Prodigal's song to me!

The song is "Known" by Tauren Wells, a Christian musician and worship leader. The full lyrics can be printed from Excerpt below.

This would work as a reflection piece for older children, and definitely for youth.

It is called a "Mashup" when you combine video clips from one source with a song from another. They are also known in copyright terms as "transformative works" and are generally protected fair use when used for non-commercial purposes. Youtube grants its standard license to such fan works.

Some lesson possibilities:

  1. Give the kids a copy of the full lyrics.
  2. Play the video once, then before you play it a second time, ask, "What scenes in the video stuck out to you and seemed to particularly 'fit' the song lyrics?" Discuss.
  3. Check out the lyrics. Which phrase is your favorite? Which one needs explained?
  4. How does realizing that you are "fully known and loved" make you feel inside?
  5. How is it that God "knows" us so well?
  6. How does it make us want to turn around our lives and come home?
  7. What does the Father want us to do with such knowledge (that we are fully known and loved)?  ...share it with our brother.
  8. Who high and wide is God's forgiveness?
  9. Who else in the New Testament could have sung this song?  Peter?  
  10. "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you"  Jeremiah 1:5


[Verse 1]
It's so unusual it's frightening
You see right through the mess inside me
And you call me out to pull me in
You tell me I can start again
And I don't need to keep on hiding

I'm fully known and loved by You
You won't let go no matter what I do
And it's not one or the other
It's hard truth and ridiculous grace
To be known fully known and loved by You
I'm fully known and loved by You

[Verse 2]
It's so like You to keep pursuing
It's so like me to go astray
But You guard my heart with Your truth
A kind of love that's bullet proof
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