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David and Goliath

Video Workshop


Summary of Lesson Activities:

Uses the video "David and Goliath" from "The Greatest Stories Ever Told" Series by Rabbit Ears.


Lesson Objectives:

  • Explorers will better understand how God is guiding their lives.


Supplies List:

  • Video: "David and Goliath"(The Greatest Stories Ever Told Series by Rabbit Ears)
  •  Popcorn and drinks
  • Whiteboard (Marker) OR Large Sheet of Paper posted on Wall (Marker)


Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture and lesson ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.
  • Preview the video.




Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introductions:

Welcome explorers.


Open with a prayer (you've created).

Say:  When I was your age I wanted to be a ________________ when I grew up.

Teacher:  I'm assuming that what you wanted to be at that age, and what you ended up becoming are two different things. 

Ask:  What do you want to be when you grow up? (Let each child respond)


Say:  When I grew up I became a _____________, not a _________________.


Tell them how God played a role in what you did became.


Say:  Today's story is about a boy who knew he was going to grow up to be a shepherd, just like his father and his older brothers, his name was David.


David did become a shepherd and he was very good shepherd!  God gave him the talents of courage and faith.  He also gave him an amazing skill with a slingshot that he improved by practicing regularly while watching the sheep for his father. 


But, unknown to David God had a plan for the rest of David's life and it wasn't to stay a shepherd boy, he wanted David to be the next King of the Israelites.  As we watch let's look for the ways God played a role in David's life's journey. 


Dig-Main Content and Reflection:


Watch the video.


Teacher Note:  Discussion questions follow (you may choose to ask after the video, or better yet, stop and pause after each event and ask questions.  This will ensure the children understand and retain what they are learning).


Saul (King of Israel)


1. Who was the first King of Israel? (Saul)

2. Why did God regret choosing Saul (He proved to be an unfaithful King)


The Anointing


1. Samuel went to Bethlehem, without Saul knowing, to anoint a new King. The people were afraid when Samuel arrived, why? (They thought that Samuel came as a prophet to pass judgment on them).

2. Who did Samuel anoint to be the new King of Israel? (David)


i. Discuss what it means to be “anointed”

ii. When David faced Goliath, he had already been anointed king by Samuel. What difference, if any, do you think that made when he faced Goliath?


3. What part did God play in all of these happenings so far?


David & Goliath


1. David was confident that God was leading him to fight Goliath, why? (His experience as a shepherd gave him confidence. God had protected him then and would protect him now).

2. Why did David refuse Saul’s armor? (He was not used to it. David had confidence that he could serve God (and fight Goliath) with his skills).


What kinds of things do people think will protect them today?  Money, muscles, weapons, words.  How trustworthy are those forms of protection?


What was David's form of protection? In what did he place his trust?

How did he KNOW to place his trust in God? How does one develop that kind of faith?


Discussion questions to ask after the video:


Your Church Leaders (Shepherds) Discussion


1. The King was God’s shepherd or guide for the people. Who are the shepherds of the church today? Who are its leaders?


a. How does God choose these leaders?
b. How are they anointed?
c. How do they defend us?
d. How do we follow them?
e. What happens when the leaders are unfaithful (like Saul)?
f. How does God offer guidance through these leaders?


2. How does God offer guidance to you?  

3. What's your response to God's Word?



Follow-Up Activity:

  1. Say:  David refused Saul’s armor? He was not used to it and also David had confidence that he could serve God (and fight Goliath) with just his skills.  It was so much more than just a slingshot that defeated Goliath. 
  2. Draw a large slingshot on the board.
  3. Ask the students to add captions on and around the slingshot about what kinds of things that God has given to them that would REALLY PREPARE THEM for standing up for their faith and dealing with life's troubles that may come their way.

    Older children can write their ideas onto the board themselves.
    Younger children, teacher can ask for suggestions and write them onto the board or in the case of non-readers make simple drawings to represent their ideas.)

    Examples:  Bible, studying God's Word, prayer, listening to their parents, attending Sunday school, faith, etc.



End in prayer. Ask God to help us face the future with confidence that we are not alone. You are with us.



  • Video:  David & Goliath (from The Greatest Stories Ever Told Series) by Rabbit Ears Rabbit Ears Website.  


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