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DVD - “A Giant Adventure: David & Goliath” (New Superbook Series)

Chris Quantum loses the courage to play his guitar in front of a crowd. Superbook whisks the kids off to meet another boy who had to face his own ‘giant’. Chris, Joy and Gizmo befriend young David who is taking bread to his brothers on the frontline of battle, fighting the Philistines. It's when David meets the giant Goliath that Chris finds the courage to face his own giants.  Lesson:  When God is with you, you can face any kind of giant that comes your way! (Animated - approx. 28 mins)

See reviews of the "New Superbook" DVD Series for more details on this series link.

Update June 2018

Breakdown and Review Notes by Luanne

DVD Chapter Guide for – A Giant Adventure: David & Goliath (Superbook)

I do not recommended this DVD for younger children - the fierceness of the lion, bear, and Goliath, along with the death of all three, including the removal of Goliath's head, not seen, but unmistakable, all make this unsuitable for young children - see breakdown below.

To access chapters use the SKIP CHAPTER - FORWARD / BACKWARD BUTTONs on your DVD remote. I've given the chapter's names. Timings approximate.

0. (0:00) The Shepherd Boy - A lion goes afer one of David's sheep, then David, who eventually kills the lion.
1. (1:47) Superbook Theme Song
2. (2:17) The Anointing of David - Samual anoints David much to everyone's surprise.
3. (3:30) Stage Fright - Chris auditions for the school band with his guitar and a string breaks and he gets stage fright and leaves the audtion.
4. (6:33) Superbook - Superbook takes the kids back in time, "I am taking you to meet a great hero, one who has been given special gifts from God, may you have eyes to see and ears to hear." The children arrive outside Bethlehem near the two army camps. Joy wants to get back home so Chris can finish his audition. Then a bear comes after them.
5. (8:16) David to the Rescue - David kills the bear with his slingshot and introduces himself to the children. They go with David to deliver food to his brothers at the Israelite's army camp.
6. (10:39) Goliath's Challenge - The children observe the King of the Philistines and Goliath, the giant of Gath. The Israelites run in fear of Goliath when he challenges someone to fight him. David asks his brother why no one will fight the giant, don't they have God by their side? David goes to King Saul and says he will fight the giant.
7. (14:19) David's Harp – Chris asks David why he would think he could beat Goliath and David says because he has God by his side. He and Chris play together. David says to Chris, "Who do you play for, others or the one who gave you the gift? David plays for God." Chris rethinks about his stage fright and who gave him the gift to play his guitar and that he should be playing for the glory of God.
8. (16:13) David and Goliath - Armor too big for David so Saul offers his shield, but David says, "The Lord will be my shield." He collects stones. Goliath and David battle, eventally David strikes Goliath with a rock from his slingshot, but not until a few close calls of his own. David cuts off Goliath's head (you see and hear him raise and lower the sword, but don't actually see the head being cut off, although their is no mistake that, that is what happened). The Israelites cheer.
9. (20:50) The Audition - back at the auditions Chris says to himself, "If God gives you the ability then the size of the giant or audience doesn't matter. Chris asks for another shot at the audition and is welcomed to the band after a great audition.
10. (22:33) Credits

Note: you can access the "Salvation Poem" video from the main menu. You can also access the music/dance video for the song "Follow Jesus" - words are also on screen.

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