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I just wanted to share an inventive and inexpensive resource I discovered this week at the local Dollar Tree (where everything costs a dollar, in case this particular chain doesn't exist in your area.)


It is a magnetic spinner... 

about 10.5 inches long, that can attach to a white board. It spins wonderfully.
My mind is already racing with game applications!




This picture is shot slightly from the side so you can see the round plastic disk with magnet on the back, upon which the arrow spins. 


If you, like me, don't have anyone to build a Wheel of Fortune-type spinner (or if the cost is prohibitive), you could probably make a poster with the letters, etc. on a dial, and leave a cut-out in the center so the spinner would fit in the center when you attach the poster to the white board. All for only $1! (Or even just draw a wheel on the white board!)


Further info: brand is Teaching Tree. Manufacturer/distributor listed on the back of the package is Greenbrier International Inc in Cheasapeake, VA.


There are several styles in addition to the spinner I initially purchased. There is one with a crayon as the spinner, another with a pencil, and also a Seuss-ish arm with striped sleeve and pointing finger. I actually returned to Dollar Tree today to buy several more; if I love this tool as much as I think I will, I'm going to want backups not only for children's ministry but for the Latin classes I teach!


Dollar Tree has also been a great source for large foam game die and packages of inexpensive die cuts--for instance, of fish--that can be used in all kinds of games. I've found many treasures for our drama prop box as well--helmets, shields and swords for the battle of Jericho, the Fiery Furnace (for the soldiers who tossed Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in); bird masks for the ravens in the Elijah story, etc.



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