Where to find more creative techniques here at Rotation.org

For creative ideas for specific Bible stories or specific media (such as art or video)...

Look up your Bible story in our Lesson Idea Exchange.


Look up ideas and techniques in our "Workshop design" Forums
(Art Workshop, Games, Cooking, Video, etc.)

("Workshop" is the Rotation Model's name for a classroom and lesson built around a specific way of teaching, such as using video or art. You don't have to be using the Workshop Rotation Model to borrow and share great teaching ideas!)



Our Writing Team Lesson Sets are the PINNACLE of creativity here at Rotation.org

They are designed for teachers who want to go the extra creative mile.

In addition to having creative "main" lesson activities, Writing Team lesson plans feature creative teaching techniques in "the other" parts of the lesson, such as, the opening and closing.   

At Rotation.org, "creative techniques" are the way we love to learn, not just boredom relievers, busy-work, and crafty time fillers.



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