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Originally posted by Neil MacQueen:
Hi Nancy...
What makes it awesome?
I'm interested.



I apologize for taking so long in responding.

I purchased the entire years units for next year for the following reason...

1. We have children from PreK - 6th grade and one of the most difficult things we have had to work with is taking the lessons and adapting them to the different age groups without any one group missing out on any of the workshops. This program will allow us to do this. Let's see if I can explain this .. On each of the disks there are 8 lesson sets geared toward the kids age groups. Let's say 4 workshops for younger.. 4 for older. These rotate from month to month so that if the children do not go to "cooking" the first month they go the next.

2. Cooking is the favorite workshop of the kids but, doing cookies and bread as many times as we did this year... these lessons give so much more! As an example... one month it's vegtable pizza, one month its a great fest...

3. The games portion of our Kids Club has been alot of fun... but, these lesson sets provide new and exciting games to use with the kids!

4. The lesson plans are easy to follow and implement into the classroom.

5. This is the first year that we are using Shepherds and these disks actually give a full lesson / description of job to the shepherds on a MONTHLY basis.

6. The stories are actually written out in the lesson plan for the teacher. This really helps the teachers to be able to use this tool to tell the kids the story in words that they understand.

7. I love the indepth questions that are asked.. some of which bring real life issues into the bible story.

Well... that's it in a nutshell. I am still going to be using for other things that we do like... Parent's Day Out.... Next Summer when we begin to have Sunday Kids Club throughout the summer... is an awesome tool I will be using for years to come...

Nancy F
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