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Thank you Luanne!

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Danny - I found on the cook website a sample from Vol. 3 "Faith in the Furnace".  It's the bible game zone section.



Copied below is Danny's initial question, which was also posted in the Help Forum, and responses received.



I really like Workshop Zone Curriculum so far. David C Cook still has year 2 available for download (Year of Grace). Year 1 is sporadically available on ebay, amazon and other book sites, but I've gotten stuck looking for Volume 3 (Faith in the Furnace), 5 (Faith: Faces Lions), 6 (Faith: A Lame Man Healed: Faith Goes Through The Roof), and 8 (Faith: Resurrection Faith). Wondering if anyone has retired copies available so I can have the full 2 year curriculum for my system. I know this thread is crazy old, but maybe someone can help me!

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Hi Danny,

I can see a few copies online on sale here and there at $89 and over. Probably the same one's you've seen. Is that what you're used to paying for it?  Or are you looking for less expensive copies?

I would say contact the author, but she passed away a few years back. Perhaps if you contacted DC Cook directly they might have it archived somewhere or a lead.




Thanks Neil. I've been hoping to not have to pay $1,000 for the one curriculum volume! (the other volumes have been reasonably at $20-$30 range per volume) I think I may have just found a company that will work with me! And you are correct, since Vickie Bare died, it's been very difficult to track down anything other than the downloads of year 2 off of DCCook's website.

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