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(WT) Mary Accepts, Magnifies, and Ponders ~ Computer Writing Team
Mary Accepts, Magnifies, Ponders
and you should too!

Computer Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activity 

Students will explore the "Yo! Joe & Mary" section of Fluffy & God's Amazing Christmas Adventures to learn more about Mary's role and faithful response when told by Gabriel that she would bear the Messiah. They will interpret Mary's Song of Joy (a.k.a. "Magnificat") using their own words, and ponder by creating a song (using the software) the meaning of their own "hopes and fears" and how Jesus' birth brings them good news.

Note: Fluffy and God's Amazing Christmas Adventure software is FREE to supporting members. Get it here.



Passage:  Luke 1:26-56 and 2:8-20

Key/Memory Verse: Luke 1:46 "My Soul Magnifies the Lord." (NRSV)

Objectives for the Rotation 

See this set's Bible Background.

Objectives for this Workshop in addition to the set's overall objectives:

 Students will...
  • Ponder Mary's basic story as found in Luke 1 and 2
  • Understand the prophetic, life-changing nature of what Mary is saying about Jesus in her "song of joy."
  • Reflect on their own "hopes and fears" and what great news it is that Jesus has come to be with the world (not against it), and with them.


  • Read the Bible Background, scripture and lesson plan.
  • Print the "Fluffy" Teacher's Guide and Outline -- which is part of the download.
  • Install the software and preview it. Make sure the "Yo! Joe & Mary" section's Fluffimation activity is working.

Materials List 

  • Download and Install Fluffy and God's Amazing Christmas Adventure  (Sunday Software)
    Use it on desktops, laptops, or projected. (Windows XP thru Windows 10 only.)
  • Whiteboard (appropriate marker)

Lesson Plan 

Note: The Scripture reading for today is embedded in the software. Your students will read, hear and work with Mary's story as found in Luke 1 and 2.


Welcome your students and outline for them what they'll be doing today in the computer workshop. 

Ask them to tell you as much as they know about Mary. Write their responses on the board.

Fill in what they didn't remember, especially the parts from Luke 1 and 2, and Mary's presence at both the crucifixion and resurrection.

Write down the following three questions, and as you share them, say, There are three key things I want you to know by the end of this lesson:

  1. What does it mean to "accept" God?  (believe and make God #1 in your life)
  2. What does it mean to "magnify" God in your soul?  (praise God with your words and actions)
  3. What does it mean to "ponder" Jesus' birth? (reflect on how his life changes yours) 

fluffymenuDive Into the Software

Begin in Fluffy's "Yo! Joe & Mary"

Software Overview: There are two sections you will explore in Fluffy's "Yo! Joe & Mary" learning area. Each has several sub-sections. After hearing and seeing the story unfold, the main area of focus and discussion for your lesson is in Mary's Song of Joy "Fluffimation" activity at the end of section 2.

Have your students proceed through the following sections:

"Yo! Joe & Mary" Section 1: The Announcement

  • Narration/Animation of the Story, Fluffy becomes the Angel

    Teacher follow-up: As the CD notes, "angel" means "messenger." How are you being a messenger this Christmas? What is the message about being a servant that we learn from Mary?
  • Meaning and Pronunciation of Jesus' Name (printable)
  • FLUFFIMATION --- rephrase the angels' announcement.  
    (Skip if you will be short on time.)

"Yo! Joe & Mary" Section 2: Mary Visits Elizabeth*

*While "Elizabeth" is not the focus of this lesson set, Mary's Song of Joy occurred while she was visiting Elizabeth. The sections titled "God's promises," and "why people get excited at Christmas" dovetail with Mary's joy. See the attached menu screenshot of this section's menu.

  • God narrates Mary's meeting with Elizabeth.
  • Check out some of God's promises . .

       Teacher follow-up: Which promise is your favorite and why?
  • SKIP: Tell me more about John the Baptist
  • FLUFFIMATION ---Mary's Song of Joy  (the main focus of today's lesson)

    A "Fluffimation" is like a "mad-lib."  Students fill in answers to questions, and their answers are inserted into a script "about Mary's Song of Joy" which is spoken aloud by Fluffy the animated sheep.  The purpose of this activity is to introduce and let the kids rephrase Mary's song in a way that's personal and intelligible to them. Two screenshots of the Mary's Song Fluffimation activity are attached at the end of this lesson at

    ⇒ Let students make their first fluffimation and play it for the class. Then discuss some of their responses and have them make a second more refined fluffimation. Comment on key insights in their work.  

Musical Reflection on "the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight"

Write that song phrase on the board and ask your students what they think it means. Help them break down the possible meanings of "hopes" and "fears" and "all the years" and how they are "met in thee tonight."  List their ideas under the key words in the phrase.

Point out that Mary both accepted, praised (magnified), and pondered (kept thinking about) what it meant that the Messiah was coming into the world. Mary didn't celebrate it and then "move on."

Ask your students what they plan to do after Christmas to keep on pondering and praising God's work in their life.

 Be sure to have them think of THEIR OWN HOPES, and THEIR OWN FEARS.  i.e. Make it personal, not general or theological.  

Musical Closing Prayer:

Now let them play the DJ FLUFFY JAM music game found on the main Fluffy CD menu. They will add new words, sound effects and instruments to the Christmas song, "O Little Town of Bethlehem" (from which the phrase "hopes and fears..." comes from.  Tell them that the song they create will be the closing prayer. Give them 5 minutes to complete it. (Who said prayers have to be quiet? Jesus was God's laughter.)

Invite students to play their song creations for the class.

Additional Suggestions

Have the class sing along with their DJ Fluffy Jam version of "O Little Town of Bethlehem."

Alternate Software:  No other software covers Mary in the Christmas story, however, you could create your own "Fluffimation" of sorts using Let's Talk CD (Sunday Software) or by creating talking text in the Windows "text to speech" application.

Younger Students: can use Fluffy with helpers assisting them at the keyboard.

Written by:  Neil MacQueen for the Writing Team

 Copyright © 2015 by 

Printed from

Fluffy CD graphics used with permission.

 Click the file attachments below to see and print several helpful screenshots from the software.


Images (6)
  • Yeshuascreenshot1: The meaning of Jesus' name
  • FluffyLuke1
  • fluffymenu
  • marymenu
  • marysongfluffimation1: The 'template' that the kids fill out.
  • marysongfluffimation2: The resultant fluffimation script which Fluffy speaks to the kids.
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