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Anointing of David

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Summary of Lesson Activity 

The children will create a "triptych," to tell the story of David. 

You have two types of "triptych" styles to choose from:  a three-part fabric wall hanging (as a group project) OR folded wood panels (as individual projects). 

"Triptychs" were familiar in ancient sanctuaries and homes. They were a painting on fold-able and transportable wooden panels or curtains to go behind an altar in a church, or in a special place in the home. It was an ancient way of bringing the Bible's story into one's home. This lesson plan has TWO formats you can choose from to make "Triptychs." 

 Pronounced, "trip-tik" ..the word literally means "three-fold" in Greek.


Pictured: A triptych story of David by Ib Meyer 

Written by: Team Effort!  Lorna Loeffler, Carol Hulbert, and Neil MacQueen




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