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(WT) Jacob & Esau ~ Art (3 to choose from) Writing Team

Jacob & Esau

Three Art Workshops to Choose From!


Below on this page your will find three different complete Art Workshop Lesson Plans.

  • To teach the story of Jacob's encounter with God at the ladder/stairway to heaven, use either the first or second lesson.
  • To teach the full sequence of the Jacob stories, use the third lesson.  

A Suggestion to Use All Three:

You could use all three lessons in a Rotation, covering the ladder story with the first lesson and shifting the second lesson (the "Stepping Stone" project) to cover Jacob "taking steps" towards Esau. (There is a suggested adaptation note in the second lesson towards doing this.) Then cover the whole story with the third lesson. So many possibilities!

Art Workshop 1 ~ Jacob's LadderJacobs Ladder

Students will learn about Jacob's Genesis 28 dream of angels going up and down the staircase (ladder) to heaven and consider how their own encounters with God can change their life. To remember the lesson, they will make a Jacob's Ladder toy that shows the key scriptures from the lesson and shows a key illustration of the story. 

This is not a simple project, but it's fun and the kids (and their siblings) won't be able to put down the finished project. Thus, it will help cement the lesson into memory as they play with it. Like the stone Jacob set up after dreaming of the ladder, the Jacob's Ladder toy will help students, and all those who see it, remember this amazing event, and its meaning.

This lesson has 3 different options for making the Jacob's Ladder toy:   1. Make one using cards. 2. Make one using wood. 3. Purchase pre-made.

[Written by Neil MacQueen]

 Art Workshop 2 ~ Stepping Stonesstone1

Students will learn the story of Jacob's encounter with God in the dream of the ladder to heaven. They will create their own "sacred stepping stone" out of cement and mosaic tiles to go home and serve as a visual reminder of the story and the lesson's life application that WE are walking sacred (stone) witnesses to God's redeeming love.

See adaptation notes about changing this lesson to the story of Jacob's struggle with God and reconciliation with Esau: "Stepping stones of peace."

[Written by Carol Hulbert and Neil MacQueen]


 Art Workshop 3 ~ Story Panels jacobquilt

Students are assigned 7 episodes in Jacob's story to study, illustrate onto a fabric square using "fabric crayons," and then sew their scenes together onto a banner, taking turns to tell their panel's story as they create the quilt/banner together.

[Written by Neil MacQueen, based on a lesson concept from Jaymie Derden.]


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