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Children's Sunday School and Fellowship Attendance in October 2021

What did your October 2021 attendance look like for children's Sunday School, and children fellowship?  Take this anonymous survey and feel free to leave your not-anonymous comments.

During the COVID pandemic, has posted survey results from a variety of reputable polling groups about church and worship closings and reopenings. See the latest here.  What NONE of the polls have been measuring is the effect of COVID on children and youth ministry/Sunday School attendance.

In a January 2021 survey here at, 70% of our members reported that their Sunday Schools were closed, and over 50% of you predicted a significant drop in attendance when you DID reopen (15% predicting more than a 40% drop).

Now, 98% of Protestant churches in the U.S. report they have returned to worship, with an average of 73% attendance in worship compared to pre-COVID worship attendance.

But what about Sunday School and children's fellowship? Everyone is invited to take this poll to help all of us see a clearer picture of what's going on in our churches --whether you're a volunteer or on staff.

  • Use your October 2019 and 2021 programming and attendance for comparison.
  • Do not include babies, toddlers, or teens in your definition of 'children."

1. As of 10/31/21, has your church resumed regular in-person Sunday School classes for children?

"Regular" means classes at church every week and can include Sunday School-like classes that meet at another time or day --like you had before the pandemic.  "Regular" applies even if you have some pandemic protocols in place or have had to combine grades.

This question is about Sunday School only. Do not include fellowship events or children's worship in your answer.

"Children" does not include not babies, toddlers, or teens.

2. Compared to October 2019, what was the percentage increase/decrease in your October 2021 Sunday School attendance?

This question asks you to compare your pre-COVID October 2019 average Sunday School attendance to your October 2021 average attendance. Treat your October 2019 attendance as your benchmark. For example, if you averaged 20 kids in October 2019, but only averaged 15 kids in October 2021, then your "drop" would be 25%.  Feel free to estimate.

3. Has your church resumed its "regular" schedule of children's fellowship meetings?

This question compares non-Sunday School "regular" children's programming, such as weekly or monthly children's fellowship, in October 2019 compared to October 2021.

Do not include any irregular events held this fall or family events. Do not any include upcoming scheduled events. Do not include children's worship.

"Regular" means fellowship programming that approximates what you were doing in 2019. "Regular" can include pandemic protocols and modest changes in activities, grading, or locations.

"Something less than regular" can mean that by October 2021 you have perhaps held a few "irregular" get-togethers but Oct 2021 was substantially different than what you were doing in 2019, or you didn't hold an event in October 2021.

4. Based on your knowledge, what reason have "most" of those who haven't yet returned to Sunday School given for staying away?

This question is only about those who have not yet returned to regular participation in your Sunday School --and the reasons they have for not yet returning. Pick ONE answer that you know applies to MOST (and is not simply your own opinion about them). Feel free to write-in your answer only if the answers provided do not apply.

5. Compared to October 2019, what was the percentage increase/decrease in your October 2021 children's "programming" (fellowship) attendance?

Treat your October 2019 children's fellowship attendance as your benchmark for comparing it to attendance now. For example, if you averaged 20 kids at your October 2019 fellowship meetings, but only averaged 15 kids in October 2021 fellowship meetings, then your "drop" would be 25%.  Feel free to estimate.

6. Which of the following describes how YOU feel right now about your participation in Sunday School?

We've all felt each of these emotions at one time or another. But which ONE of the following best describes how you FEEL about your participation in children's ministry right now? (This question is not about your commitment, it is about how you feel.)

Answers are anonymous.

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