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Returning to In-Person Sunday School is once again surveying its members and churches on the issue of "returning to in-person Sunday School" during the COVID pandemic 2021. Our first survey was during the summer of 2020. We recognize that different churches have different circumstances and that the right answer is the one that works for you and keeps people safe.

This survey asks some general questions about "returned or returning" as well as some resource questions so that we can better serve you. Your responses will undoubtedly help others in their decision making. This survey is open to the public. To view the survey results you must either have a free Registered membership or be a Supporting Member of You can sign up here.

Has your church returned to regular in-person worship?

Has your children's Sunday School returned to in-person at-church classes?

If you have already returned to in-person Sunday School, what has your attendance been like so far? (If you haven't yet returned, see the "anticipate" options.)

This question is about attendance in at-church children's Sunday School now compared to what it should "normally" be at this time if the pandemic had not happened. If you haven't yet returned, select one of the "anticipate" answers.

How would you rate the participation of your families and students in your on-line or at-home offerings during the pandemic?

This is a bit of a subjective "guesstimate" question. We know that most churches have experienced "participation fatigue" with on-line and at-home efforts, and that gauging this kind of participation is difficult. Feel free to share in the "write in" option or by replying with a post to this survey.

Over the past several months, have you used or adapted any of the online or at-home lesson ideas or inspirations found at, such as those in the At-Home and Advent 2020 ideas?

This question is specific to resources found at, such as those found in the At-Home Lesson forum, Church & COVID resource forum, and Celebrating Advent in 2020 forum.

What is the biggest challenge your Sunday School will face coming out of the pandemic?

Safe to say that many of us could pick several of these!  But which one do you anticipate will be the "most" challenging for you at your church?

As you look forward to a post-pandemic return to "new normal," what kind of NEW or improved resources would you like to see collect and/or create more of?

Choose TWO and add your own suggestion if needed.

Survey Setting: Members can see who voted for what.
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