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Summer Survey: What stories and teaching opportunities are you planning?

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Other than VBS, please share with others:

  • the Bible stories you are planning to teach this summer.

  • the summer teaching opportunities you have planned.

  • and the biggest challenge or need you are facing.

Take this quick survey, then see what others are doing and challenged by.

Select "OTHER" to write-in your own answer. Feel free to REPLY to the survey with additional comments, suggestions, and questions.

The survey is open to guests and members. To see the result you need a free registered membership or supporting membership.

1. What Bible stories do you plan on teaching this summer?

Other than VBS, what Bible stories is your church planning to teach its kids this summer?

Select all that apply.

  • If you aren't sure yet, select those that you would LIKE to teach this summer.
  • If you'd like to suggest a story not on the list, select "OTHER" and write in a story, or reply to this survey. 
  • If your church does not provide learning opportunities for children during the summer (other than VBS, perhaps), select a few of the following stories you "wish" you could teach this summer. 

2. Other Teaching Opportunities (other than VBS)

Other than VBS, what other unique teaching opportunities or programs with children is your church planning for this summer?   Select all that apply.

  • Feel free to "write in" an answer by selecting "Other." We'd also love to hear about your details, so reply to this post with details after you take the survey 
  • Exclude events which are purely fellowship fun.
  • If your church is not planning any special teaching opportunities with children, select one of the following that you *wish* they would consider or did in the recent past.

3. How would you characterize your typical "non-Sunday School" summer teaching opportunities?

This question is about other learning events your church holds during the summer that include children. 

Do not include VBS, Sunday School, or "fellowship" -focused events in your thinking.   For example, a trip to the waterpark and a church potluck that begins with grace are not "learning events." 

Select all the apply.

4. What is your BIGGEST summer teaching challenge or need?

First read through the entire list and then PICK ONE. 
Yes, we know that will be hard!  

Every teaching opportunity in the church has its challenges, especially during the summer. The following list of challenges and needs are things every program faces at one time or another.  Pick the summer challenge or need that is most difficult for your church right now.

...And don't just think "Sunday School." These challenges/needs can apply to any summer teaching opportunity you currently program or wish you were.

 After you have taken this survey, reply to share a unique or creative way you and your church are trying to meet the challenge you selected.

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