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Cathy and I are back at it --looking through's deep archive of great ideas and bringing you our favorites. Click the "bell" icon above in the title to get notifications of new 2022 treasures in this topic!  Check out our 2021 Hidden Treasures too!


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This photo caught my attention...

The stark image comes from an article from Neil that I ran across here at and immediately shared with teachers at MY church. It's an article about the importance of creating attractive spaces and learning activities in our quest to reach and teach of kids for Christ.


Here are those five things. The article has a lot of "how-to" detail for each one.

  1. Communicate more via cellphone (several good examples of how to do that)
  2. Smell better! (Lots of surprising and great ideas in this one)
  3. Improve your welcome and  sense of belonging  (many ideas on how to do that)
  4. Reduce the scariness of your building
  5. Improve parents' arrival and learning experiences (Neil includes several great suggestions)

What would you add?


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  • Don't say "no" to Jesus
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The story of Jesus’ encounter with Zaccheus has a lot to love…and has a lot of Zaccheus lesson ideas to love. Here are a few treasures that I’d love to share!

This art workshop by Supporting Member (and former Board Member) Jaymie uses a crayon resist technique to focus on Zaccheus’ change of heart. Not only does this lesson result in some beautiful pieces of “heart-art”, but it also has some great teaching points and discussion starters.

The ability to download (for free) the Awesome Bible Stories software is one of the many benefits available to our Supporting Members. The first half of this computer lesson walks you—and your students—right through this great software. The second half of this lesson takes your class on a Google Earth tour of Ancient and Modern Jericho. And here is a handy tutorial on how get those images from your laptop or tablet or cellphone onto a screen that your students can see.

What I love about this “Out on a Limb” game idea is the way that numerous people contributed adaptations and additions to the initial idea (full disclosure—I was one of the many contributors ). With all of these ideas, you should be able to find something that will work with your program!

There are also some great video options here at our site. Supporting Member Meghantoo has posted a short video with an object lesson and short animated Bible story here. This is just one of the MANY video shorts that she has posted, so there are even more treasures to be found! The Writing Team Lesson Set on Zaccheus (open to our Supporting Members) has a video lesson using several video clips. It also has a pdf attachment with some beautiful story cards to help teach and reinforce the lesson.

Take a look and see which great ideas you would love

sharing with your students!

I really like this 5-evening VBS on "Bible Heroes" written by member Liz Weingart for her church—especially because it concludes with "our hometown heroes today"—the first responders in your community and church. I also like the way the lessons remind kids of the superpowers THEY have. While you may have already taught these stories in Sunday School, refreshing students' memories of these key stories is never a bad idea


Then and now...


Bible heroes and heroes in our midst are included in this VBS program designed for 5 evenings. Kids learn to forgive like Joseph and to be more obedient than Jonah. They learn that just like Moses and like local heroes, they can use their strength to help others. The courage that Daniel had can be theirs too!  Throughout the week, students engage in the point of view of the Bible Heroes. The program concludes with a  celebration of hometown heroes. This lesson set is packed with great story scripts and activities and could be used in many ways other than VBS.


  • Evening 1 -- Joseph: Popcorn & a Movie “Joseph, King of Dreams”
  • Evening 2 -- Jonah: Enter a life-size whale and hear Jonah tell his story followed by a snack (no details on snack).
  • Evening 3 -- Moses: Storytelling of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments, snack (no details on snack) and make Wooden Patriotic Beaded Bracelets, one for themselves and one to give away to a Hero.
  • Evening 4 -- Daniel: Hear the story of Daniel and the Lions' Den, make a Plaster Hand-print Garden Decoration, and have a snack (no details on snack).
  • Evening 5 - Hero Presentation: Fire, EMTs, Police, and Fire House Tour, followed by pizza and dessert.


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2 Road to Emmaus "Double" Treasures

and 3 Great Commission Finds!

Like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, each of the following lessons about the Road to Emmaus has TWO great things going on in each one. They were a joy to "rediscover" in the archives of our site. While both require a Supporting Membership to access, I've included enough in each description below for everyone to glean a hint of these tasty teaching resources.

This software-using lesson not only has a fun and interactive way for the students to learn the story, but it also has a great reflection activity focusing on “seeing” Jesus—and how most of us need help to do that. The lesson is designed to be used with the “Jesus in Space” software (which is now free to our Supporting Members), but also has other suggestions for reflecting on how we "see" Jesus in our lives.

Jesus in space
Supporting Members are able to download the computer software for free. They can also let their families download it and use it at home! (A great reason to purchase a Supporting Membership for only $45 a year!)

Neil MacQueen has a copy of the Jesus in the Snow photo along with a key, and notes about teaching with it available to all over at his software site.

The second great pairing involves this art lesson from the Writing Team's Emmaus lesson set (available to Supporting Members) and a great idea for creating Art Easels out of cardboard. In this lesson, students look at some Road to Emmaus artwork and then create their own painting showing the road, the disciples with Jesus, their hearts burning, and their eyes opening.

What do YOU see when Jesus walks with you?

Do others see Jesus in you? How?

Supplementing your lesson with some great visuals of Christian artwork could work for any number of lessons, not just this one. We have an entire forum devoted to online resources for Christian art and illustrations and graphics. Suggestions have been made by a number of our Rotation community members. I love seeing this support of our mission to help teach about Jesus.

And making your own art easels ELEVATES both literally and figuratively by adding a sense of importance and fun to the illustrating activity.

Three great ideas for teaching about Jesus' Great Commission

This video at Vimeo posted by our own CreativeCarol offers compelling inspiration for making disciples as well as many discussion starters.  Here's the video:

This cooking lesson from Jan in Napa inspires, instructs, and encourages students to pray for those around the globe as their part of making disciples.

At the center of this lesson is a world prayer map for kids and a rice crispy globe to take home to retell the story. "Cooking up" disciples with prayer and rice crispies.

And #3: A neat object lesson to create a compelling and engaging look at sending the message around the world. With simple ingredients (cooking oil, dishwashing liquid, milk, and food coloring)  this activity works in church or at home.


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