We are just starting our WoRM program and we have established that we are going to start with 4 week rotations.


My questions:


Is there a good reason to keep rotations in a calendar month, such as, "Jesus in January" ??


And what do you think we could do to make those "FIFTH SUNDAYS" extra special??


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The number of weeks in a rotation is variable depending on our church's schedule. Sometimes we have a special Sunday with no classes, and have to plan 3 week rotations.


Other times we have a story and great workshop ideas and want to do five weeks. (In rotation, how many classes you have is kind of irrelevant to how many weeks you spend on a story.)


We typically rotate four workshops a month, September through May - on those Sundays when there is a fifth month - we simply start the new unit on the fifth Sunday.


Odd thing is, those "fifth Sundays" are often in months with Easter and the Christmas pageant rehearsal and usually takes care of that odd Sunday.



Since we stop our workshops in May - the first Sunday in June we have a review and a generally good time- we also use this time (church school hour) to have a brunch for our teachers. Our school systems get out the second week in June so our church school classes are over at the end of May. This has solved our problem with the fifth Sunday.

On SOME 5th Sundays, we combine all the kids for a "mission Sunday."


We sing a few songs, talk about a mission or missions, then break up into small groups to actually do something for a mission project.


In September, since Labor Day is usually a down Sunday, we're doing our mission day that day and then using the last 4 Sundays in September for our rotation. We will be making placemats for the prison ministry, making table tent cards to put on the tables at a local men's homeless shelter and a women's shelter, we'll also make something to send to our college students for a back to school thinking of you and praying for you type thing.


I like for the kids to actually make something themselves instead of asking their parents for money to give to something. This way they feel a part of the project and they know that they are sharing God's love with someone.

We are going to work in Mission Sundays every 3 rotations of so as well. Our sunday school is going to do a year long campaign to raise money for Heifer Project and we will use these weeks to educate our children on the work that heifer does/the need in the world, and to keep the church "pumped up" and active in the project.

This reply was moved here from another discussion thread about what to do on a Sunday that was a holiday - and thus attendance may be down but it applies to the 5th Sunday as well.

Games Workshop:

A great idea is to do a games workshop - Review Quiz - covering the stories you did from September until now.

Break into teams for more fun.

Write up quiz questions - we call it Jeopardy - but each question has 4 choices so it's easier for the younger kids to participate with the older kids. Do the points system like Jeopardy. And do fun category names for each story you did so far.

Computer Workshop:

You can do it on the computer (Fall of Jericho) from Sunday Software and write up questions for stories from that year.


"Extra" Sunday activities don't have to be the same for everyone, either.


  • You can have the little guys do a special art project. They love art.
  • You can have your older kids do a second week in the computer (which they're always clamoring for more time in anyway).  
  • If you can get outside, why not a special outdoor event/cooking/bonfire.
  • Service projects are great too. 

We are initiating Workshop Rotation model this Fall. We will have three workshops and one all-church school session on the fourth week. For the three fifth-week Sundays i have planned a "special workshop" led by leaders who have gifts but not the time to do a once a month every month workshop. Hopefully they will like it so much that next year they will lead a regular workshop. 


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