This is our 6 year plan--although I'll be very surprised if it doesn't change somewhat in the future. We have decent attendance in the summer, so we weren't concerned about students missing the lessons in the summer months.

Year One
• September: Lord’s Prayer
• October: Psalms
• November: 10 Lepers
• December: Wise & Foolish Virgins (Advent)
• January: Magi
• February: Miracles of Jesus
• March: Crucifixion/Good Friday
• April: Resurrection
• May: Creation
• June: The Fall
• July: Noah
• August: Abraham

Year Two
• September: Jacob & Esau
• October: Joseph
• November: Widow’s Mites
• December: Jesus as Fulfillment of Prophecy
• January: Baptism & Temptation of Christ
• February: Food Miracles—Bread & Wine
• March: Lord’s Supper
• April: Easter Appearances to the Women
• May: Moses—Bulrushes to Burning Bush
• June: Plagues & Passover
• July: 10 Commandments
• August: Wilderness Wanderings

Year Three
• September: Good Samaritan
• October: Lost Coin/Sheep/Son
• November: Parable of Sower
• December: 3 Wise Women (Elizabeth, Mary, Anna)
• January: Joshua & Caleb
• February: Gideon
• March: Lent Through the Eyes of the “Mary’s”
• April: Easter Around the World
• May: Hannah & Samuel
• June: Samuel the Kingmaker/ King Saul
• July: Rise of David (Goliath, Jonathon)
• August: King David

Year Four
• September: Solomon & the Temple
• October: Reformation
• November: Body of Christ
• December: Angels & Shepherds
• January: Call of the Disciples
• February: Mary & Martha
• March: Washing of the Feet/Maundy Thursday
• April: Thomas and the Easter Story
• May: Ascension & Great Commission
• June: Josiah
• July: Jeremiah
• August: Zacchaues

Year Five
• September: Paul—Road to Damascus
• October: Paul’s Journeys
• November: Paul & People in His Life
• December: Handel’s Messiah
• January: Transfiguration
• February: Nicodemus
• March: Garden of Gethsemane
• April: Walk to Emmaus
• May: Pentecost
• June: Elijah
• July: Elisha
• August: Jonah

Year Six
• September: 2 Greatest Commandments
• October: Armor of God
• November: Ruth
• December: John the Baptist
• January: Peter the Denier
• February: Peter the Proclaimer
• March: Palm Sunday
• April: On the Beach
• May: Esther
• June: Daniel
• July: Ezra/Nehemiah—Return from Exile
• August: Psalm 23/Good Shepherd
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