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Christmas Story Video Clips Especially for Pre-K and Early Elementary Age Children

Here are six Christmas story videos recommended by for home and teaching use. Some are great for preschoolers and others a little more for elementary-age children.

Click the icon on the video toolbar to view the videos fullscreen. (They were originally posted on YouTube so please excuse their ads.)

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1. What is Christmas? a narrated storybook

An illustrated and narrated video-storybook for ages 3 to 8.

2. Baby Shark? No.... Baby Jesus!

A very clever and cute reimagining of the "Baby Shark" song as a Nativity song and play! Could this be your next "Nativity" pageant at home or in church? How about coming up with hand-motions for each scene (just like there are hand-motions to the original shark song).

3. The Christmas Story in LEGO Stop-Motion

A kid-friendly and narrated 5-minute retelling of the Christmas story using LEGOs. After viewing it, why not break out the LEGOS and construct your favorite part of the story?

4. Two Christmas Story Videos from Saddleback Kids

(1) Mary and Joseph and the Angel. 3 minutes. Ages 3 to 8.

(2) The Shepherds and Angel. 2:25 minutes. Ages 3 to 8.

6. An Unexpected Christmas

A very cute video performance of an "imagined" conversation in heaven between God and his angels about the birth of Jesus. Performed by the kids of St Paul's Church in Auckland New Zealand. Their kiwi-accent might be a bit hard for preschoolers to understand. Plenty to discuss about the "reason' God sent Jesus into the world!  6:22 minutes long.

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