This topic is for posting your "I Am" lesson ideas and resources.

  • I AM the Bread of Life, John 6:35-51.
  • I AM the Light of the World, John 8:12-20.
  • I AM the Gate for the Sheep, John 10:7-10.
  • I AM the Resurrection & the Life, John 11:1-44.
  • I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life, John 14:1-11.
  • I AM the True Vine, John 15:1-5.


We haven't collected a ton of posts on this topic because, historically speaking, many Rotation churches do not teach the "I AM" Bible verses as part of their elementary age Sunday School's Scope and Sequence of Rotation stories.  

Many Rotation educators and pastors instead cover these "I AM" statements in other venues, such as, Children's sermons and fellowship groups.   

That said, there are some very good lesson plans in this topic, and you are invited to add your own plans and creative ideas here as well  



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Originally posted by bloomingidiot:
We are doing the Rotation for the vine and branches and need lesson material for art, cooking, movie, drama etc. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Resulting Brainstorms:

1. Game/Computer

Memory verse work can be done as a game of unscrambling the words. Write them on 4x6 cards and have teams compete for quickness. You can also do this as a computer game using Cal & Marty's Scripture Memory Game Sunday Software


2. Science

I'm brainstorming here an idea that gets to the concept of the "connectedness" of vines and branches, and demonstrating how something withers when it's cut off.


I'm thinking science experiment using simple green bell wire, switches, batteries, and various bells, buzzers and small lights and fans. All of this electrical kit stuff can be found online (or radioshack). What happens when we're not connected? When we're burnt out? When someone cuts us off from the source?


For even more memorable fun, you could do this with other types of "vines" too.... such as a water hose. What in your life might "kink" that line you are trying to keep with God?  


You can also reverse the process and show how to "make connections to God" (using a battery/bell or water).  


Important theological point: Jesus is the one who first makes the connection to us. We are called to respond. So for example, in your demonstration you could "have Jesus make the connection from the battery to the bell" ....but then discuss how we "mute" the response of our bell that Jesus has wired us to. How do we not share? All sorts of potential discussion with all these connections and bells!


This is all analogy-led demonstration that the teacher and kids do to "make some connections." Teacher talks about various life scenarios and demonstrates them certain things cut us off or connect us to God. 

Then the kids can make their own "take home" device hooked to a battery and showing the verse "cut off from me you can do nothing." I love this idea and project!



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I Am the Vine, You Are the Branches

Art Workshop – Twig lattices

Create a vine-like support structure at your church for any kind of climbing plant – cucumbers, morning glories, even grape vines. Plant climbers at the base.


Add stepping stones with the VERSE painted on them. 

Students can create a second stepping verse stone to go home with them.


This is a lesson that will keep on giving.

Materials – long branches from pruned shrubs, 4 inch lengths of thin floral wire (or twist ties or pipe cleaners).

How to do it.

You can use trimmed branches or go to the home-outdoor-decor store and buy twig lattice material.


Lay out on the ground your branches in a criss cross pattern. Where branches cross, secure together by wrapping around length of wire.


Stake it to the ground.

In addition to planting climbers at its base, you can also add suet-seed balls for birds and colorful strips of cloth (like a prayer tree).

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"I Am"

Here's the 8 "I Am's" we focused on each week:

I Am the Good Shepherd (March)
I Am the True Vine (March)
I Am the Way, Truth, and the Life (March)
I Am the Bread of Life (March)

I Am the Light of the World (April)
I Am the Living Water (April)
I Am the Resurrection and the Life (April)
I Am the Giver of Life (April)

Ashley of

To see Ashley's lessons, she has posted them over here.

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"I Am" Video

"I Am" new poetry by David Bowden - done in rap style - view it here on Youtube.   Released April 4, 2014.  (6:16 mins.)

Below are excerpts from an article (review) written by  “I Am” Statements in a Fresh Format" I found on the Credo House Ministries website - article link.  I've included these as they would be helpful in creating a lesson using the video and I was especially moved with the comments regarding David's grandfather's involvement in the video.  Read excerpts below:

A wonderful cinematic experience.  Includes all seven “I Am” statements Jesus says in the Gospel of John.

The poem concerns itself with the idea of God’s foreknowledge and providence, and how that interplays with our decisions, sins, and salvation.

A suitable summation for the work can be found towards the end of the poem: “Before you even knew how to sin, I Am where your salvation begins.”

A unique feature of this video is the vignettes placed throughout its over six minute running time.

Each short story is an abstract embodiment of the “I Am” statement in which they are located.

For example, during the stanza discussing “I Am the gate,” which talks about the distance placed between us and God, we see a man and a woman running towards each other through a parking structure only to be separated by a vast divide.

The most significant vignette however is one of an elderly man during the stanza on “I Am the resurrection and the life.”  This man, Earl Jones, was David’s grandfather who died just a few days after the shoot. Jones said to his grandson David that it would be an honor to let his pain represent the promise of Jesus’s resurrection. In fact, David has stated elsewhere that the nighttime shoot on which the video opens was shot the very night his granddad Earl died. Suffice it to say, getting through the stanza dedicated to his grandfather was difficult and moving. But David hopes his listeners will find comfort in the same thing that gave him comfort that night: “I Am the resurrection and the life.”


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Who is Jesus?


We are doing a rotation called "Who is Jesus?"  Much of the focus is on the "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life."  But I ran across this and thought it was a great way to explore further with the older kids to really answer the question "Who is Jesus?" - he tells us!


It is the 7 statements Jesus makes in the book of John.  It isn't really a lesson for kids but more of background for the leaders and perhaps a springboard for ideas.


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 It was said above...


Many Rotation churches do not teach the "I AM" Bible verses as part of their Scope and Sequence of Rotation stories. This is due in part to our desire and design to teach the same Bible story/verse for four to five weeks in a row. This 4 or 5 weeks in a row better lends itself to stories more than short one-line Bible verses.


Many Rotation educators and pastors instead cover these "I AM" statements in other venues, such as, Children's sermons and fellowship groups.   



We ARE teaching the same lesson for the month.  Not all churches are large enough to have 4-5 week rotations.  We only have 3.  So we ARE teaching the "I am" statements in a rotation model.
We are doing Movie, Art and Dig into the Bible (I always have what I call the "Dig into the Bible" rotation). The title of this rotation is "Who is Jesus?" we are answering that by exploring all the titles of Jesus and what Jesus says about himself through the "I Am" statements.
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"I AM more than you think I am."

Here's a great contemplative video on the subject of I am more than you think I am --set to the song by Christian contemporary artist, Danny Gokey.   The lyrics are including on the screen.

One of the reasons Jesus described himself using many different "I am" statements, is that Jesus knew he was more than just a man, or a leader, or a teacher. God doesn't fit neatly in a box. Like the disciples on the Road to Emmaus, as we walk with and serve him, we learn more about him.

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